Once again, the largest video platform, YouTube, censors scientists for publishing information that opposes their ideas or interests. In this case, a conference of German scientists talked about the effects found in autopsies performed on people who died after being vaccinated against COVID, also called the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus.

The video, which the popular Google-owned platform has removed, is a conference broadcast live on Monday, Sept. 20. Experts from Germany presented the results of forty autopsies performed on recently deceased patients. 

The video in question, entitled “Cause of death after COVID-19 vaccination, undeclared elements contained in vaccines”, had around 5,000 viewers in the first hour of transmission until YouTube decided to remove it for “violating YouTube community guidelines.”

According to  Life Site News website, during the press conference, three renowned German pathologists, Prof. Dr. Arne Buckhar, Prof. Dr. Walter Lang, and Prof. Dr. Werner Bergholz, presented their findings after performing autopsies on forty patients who had died within two weeks after vaccination.

After analyzing the results, the group of scientists claims that the effects of the COVID-19 vaccine caused at least one-third of the deaths. 

Vaccine-induced myocarditis was named as the first adverse effect and the leading cause of death. Microscopic images of tissue alterations caused by myocarditis were also shown during the conference.

The results of an analysis by Austrian researchers were also presented, which coincide with the findings of other scientists from Japan and the USA, showing the presence of undeclared metallic elements in the blood of patients vaccinated against COVID. 

Microscopic photographs of these unidentified elements were also shown during the conference, and experts pointed out their unusual sizes and shapes.

The expert panel discussed the effects on vaccinated patients, including fertility problems and thrombosis.

Finally, the scientists concluded on the importance of urgently collecting data on the adverse effects of COVID vaccines while calling for greater transparency from global health authorities. 

Before the conference, the event’s website published a summary, which is still available, stating that they should at least “consider suspending the vaccination campaign.”

Despite the compelling data presented by the scientists and the seriousness of their analysis, YouTube decided to remove the video from its platform within 24 hours of its publication. 

Many scientists worldwide are trying to show their studies that indicate that vaccines are dangerous or denouncing that a mass vaccination campaign that includes people in good health or with antibodies to overcome the virus is unnecessary. 

However, the mass media and mainly the big internet platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter are endeavoring to prevent these speeches from being heard by society.

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