On Dec. 14, the CPC National Federation of the 11th National People’s Congress and General Secretary of the Tenth National People’s Congress was held in Beijing. When Chinese leader Xi Jinping appeared, Peng Liyuan, Xi’s wife, also was shown by CCTV cameras.

On the same day, Xinhua News Agency also published an article with the theme “The Central Committee of the Party with Xi Jinping is interested in literary and artistic work as the core force.” The report reflects Xi Jinping’s focus on controlling the fields of literature and art.

According to Sound of Hope, the CCP has permanently attached great importance to ideological propaganda through literary and artistic means, pursuing literature and art for the sake of political power. During the campaign, Mao Zedong personally participated in the reform of the academic world organized in 1942 at the Yan’an Literary Forum. This was a political movement under the cloak of literature and art. The primary purpose of Mao Zedong speaking at this forum was to consolidate the struggles.

Xi Jinping’s speech is consistent with his launching a major purge in the entertainment industry some time ago. His speech amplifies the effect of literature and art in infiltrating the ideology of the Chinese Communist Party.

Peng Liyuan was one of the standing presidents of the 11th National Cultural Delegation, and she was wearing a military uniform and was sitting on the podium that day. The outside world noticed that when CCTV arranged the footage, they pointedly took a close-up shot of Peng Liyuan, and the footage was on the screen for a few seconds.

Twitter account LT Vision commented half-jokingly and asked if CCTV’s article on Peng Liyuan showed that Xi Jinping would move from “commonwealth” to “common government”?

Peng Liyuan’s political status has risen with Xi Jinping. After a holiday in Beidaihe this year, several high-profile appearances by Peng Liyuan have attracted attention. Peng gave an exclusive interview with UNESCO Courier magazine. As UNESCO’s special envoy for promoting girls’ and women’s education, she endorsed Xi Jinping’s “Humanistic Community.” She then appeared in second-order on CCTV News Network, being politically accused of being “the ninth member of the Standing Committee.”

After the Sixth Plenary Meeting of the 19th Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party ended, Xi Jinping’s status was further enhanced. Tianjin officials launched “the spirit of Peng Liyuan” for the first time, which shocked citizens from all walks of life.

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