General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)  Xi Jinping, may be under pressure to leave office due to the mishandling of the crisis by the CCP Virus, according to British government defense adviser Nicholas Drummond.

According to the British newspaper Express, Xi is under strong pressure not only in China but also from the international community due to the mishandling of the CCP virus during the pandemic, and even by the increasingly substantiated claims of a cover-up around the outbreak that, according to the accusations, originated in Wuhan.

According to the Express, Australia was one of the first countries to develop an independent investigation into the origins and early management of the outbreak in China. Apparently much of the world lined up behind the initiative, and today it has 137 nations co-sponsoring a resolution at the World Health Assembly for an investigation into the pandemic.

An interim report will be presented in November, to be led by former New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark and former Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

The UK’s leading defense industry consultant and former army officer, Drummond, believes the report could spell disaster for Xi.

Speaking to the Express, Drummond said, “It’s becoming increasingly apparent that the pandemic started long before December last year, it was actually getting going in September or October. By November, they knew they had a serious problem on their hands, yet they chose not to tell us until January 22.”

Those two months that it took to report on the situation they were experiencing in Wuhan were key to the spread of the virus globally. Otherwise, if they had reported in time, the situation could have been controlled otherwise by preventing the circulation of the CCP Virus. 

“The lack of leadership from China [the CCP], that inscrutable lack of openness led to a global crisis, and China [the CCP] did that deliberately so it could emerge from the pandemic in a stronger economic position,” Drummond added.

World Health Organization (WHO)

The WHO was also at the center of criticism regarding its mishandling of the virus. More and more countries and organizations are saying it was complicit with the CCP in a possible cover-up of the virus in its early stages.

Almost nine months after it was made public around the world, the WHO still has not explained why it took so long to report the virus, disregarding even the early warnings it received from Taiwan last December.

The Chinese Communist Party only transmitted the first information to the WHO on Jan. 10, when the virus was already circulating and spreading massively. Despite this, the WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus on Jan. 30 tweeted, “The speed with which #China detected the outbreak, isolated the virus, sequenced the genome, and shared it with WHO and the world are very impressive.”

In another statement Ghebreyesus said, “We would have seen many more cases outside #China by now—and probably death—if it were not for the government’s efforts, and the progress they have made to protect their own people and the people of the world.”

These messages are just one small example of why suspicions of complicity between the Chinese Communist Party and the WHO are growing. 

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