New documents released by a group of independent scientists investigating the origin of coronavirus confirm that scientists at the Wuhan lab, in conjunction with Peter Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance, requested funding to create and release genetically enhanced coronavirus nanoparticles in bat caves to assess the risk of coronaviruses, work on ways to prevent outbreaks, and even vaccinate bats against the virus.

According to Breitbart, in 2018, about 18 months after the first cases of COVID-19 were detected, Daszak requested $14 million from the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to release skin-penetrating nanoparticles and aerosols containing “novel chimeric spike proteins” of bat coronaviruses into cave bats in Yunnan, China.

The scientists also wanted to create chimeric viruses “genetically enhanced to infect humans more easily” by modifying the spike proteins precisely so that they could infect humans.

The researchers intended to study the risk of coronavirus, develop preventive measures in the event of an outbreak, and even design a vaccine for bats against the virus.

Documents show that DARPA rejected the proposal due to the high risk of what is considered gain-of-function (GoF) research, and the funds were not awarded.

However, the researchers speculate that the research and experiment could have been conducted without the need for funding since there is certainly no other explanation yet as to why the coronavirus spike protein managed to adapt so specifically to infect people.

In other documentation recently revealed by The Intercept, it could be confirmed that Peter Dazsak of EcoHealth Alliance received $3.1 million between 2014 and 2019 from the National Institutes of Health—where Dr. Fauci works—of which nearly $600,000 was used to identify and alter bat coronaviruses susceptible to infecting humans in the Wuhan virology lab.

The documents—authenticated by a former Trump administration official—were released by Drastic (Decentralized Radical Autonomous Search Team Investigating COVID-19) and first reported on by the English newspaper The Telegraph.

After the new documents were published, the group of independent scientists called for a review by the international scientific community of the possibility that the coronavirus may have been artificially inserted.

Chinese whistleblower claims CCP released virus in October 2019 during military games

Wei Jingsheng, a former Chinese Communist Party informant now living in exile, said the CCP used the coronavirus as a biological weapon and ‘released’ it during the Military Games in Wuhan in October 2019, where there were about 9,000 athletes from around the world.

“I thought that the Chinese government would take this opportunity to spread the virus during the Military Games, as many foreigners would show up there,” said Jingsheng. “[I knew] the possibility of the Chinese government using some strange weapons, including biological weapons, because I knew they were doing experiments of this sort.”

Wei claims he alerted the U.S. intelligence community at the time but that they did not believe a government would do such a thing.

According to LifeSite, two former U.S. State Department officials, Miles Yu and David Asher confirmed that French, German, and U.S. athletes had Covid-19-like symptoms in December 2019, which is consistent with Wei’s allegations.

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