An Afghan witness to the Kabul explosion on Thursday, August 26, shared the heart-wrenching moment a young girl died in his arms due to the injuries of the event. 

Speaking with America’s Newsroom, the witness said he was an interpreter who had worked with the United States Marine Corps. The blast occurred as he was waiting in line, about to get past the Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul and take the evacuation flight out of the country.

Then, an “explosion that happened inside the crowd,” said the witness, who had referred to himself as Carl.

“A lot of people got hurt and I got a baby girl. She was five years old, she died right in my hand. I don’t know what is going on over there, but I think some of the Americans got hurt, too,” Carl said.

On Thursday, at least two explosions ripped through throngs of people trying to flee Afghanistan, killing at least 13 American servicemen, 170 Afghan civilians, and injuring two hundred people, CBS News updated. 

Carl recalled seeing U.S. troops outside of the facility when the explosion took place. 

“It happened by a canal. And the Americans were on the other side of the canal, and they were checking people’s passports and stuff, and those people that have visas, they were taking them by the airport. That’s why they were outside,” he told Fox News

He said he saw the girl injured after the bombing, noticing no guardian or parents of the child; Carl tried to rush her to medical aid. 

“She was not my baby girl. She was somebody else’s girl. I saw her on the ground and I picked her up and took her to the hospital but she died right in my hands at that time,” Carl said.

Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby confirmed on Twitter that one blast attributable to suicide bombing happened outside Abbey Gate. The other was at a short distance away at a nearby hotel.

According to a US official, the terror act sparked a firefight near Abbey Gate.

The attack came after the U.S. Embassy issued an urgent warning telling evacuees in Kabul to cease their attempts to reach the airport, warning of “security threats.”

The bombings were claimed by the ISIS terrorist group in Afghanistan, known as ISIS-K. The group was no ally to the Taliban or its hold of the country. 

A NATO diplomat had pointed the responsibility of the attack to the Taliban, which since taking over the country had released “thousands of prisoners to walk out of jails in recent weeks.”

According to Fox News, the possibility of such a bombing had been a concern during recent days, considering the massive amount of people gathering outside of the airport, making it perfect for such an attack.

“You can imagine thousands of people packed into a small tiny area loaded with luggage. One person with luggage full of explosions can cause mayhem. And, unfortunately, this happened this afternoon,” a person who identified himself as Bill told the outlet.

Sky News revealed that evacuation flights had resumed, and the crowd outside of the airport had gathered up again after the blasts.

Around 82,300 individuals have been airlifted out of Afghanistan as of Wednesday, including 4,500 Americans.

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