Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris has caught fire, and the building is now collapsing. What caused the fire at Notre Dame cathedral?

Investigators are treating the fire that engulfed Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral as an accident for now, the local prosecutor’s office said Monday evening.

French media has reported the fire may be linked to ongoing renovation work at the cathedral. Some parts of the building have been wrapped in scaffolding, and certain bronze statues were removed last week for works.

Officials have now opened an investigation into the fire to determine a concrete cause.

Paris police said the cause may be linked to the $6.8 million renovation efforts currently underway. 

Paris prosecutor Rémy Heitz said there’s no evidence of arson in the fire and that officials are working on the assumption that the blaze was an accident. He expects the investigation will be “long and complex.”

“We are favouring the theory of an accident,” Paris public prosecutor Remy Heitz said, adding that 50 people were working on what was expected to be a long and complex investigation.

No deaths have been reported, but one firefighter has reportedly been seriously injured. The final damage estimate is likely to be extensive.

Paris police will investigate the disaster as “involuntary destruction caused by fire” and have ruled out arson and potential terror-related motives for starting the blaze, officials said.

Junior interior minister Laurent Nunez said no one was injured in the fire, but the cause is yet to be determined. He added: “It’s too early to determine the causes of the fire.”

The Paris prosecutor’s office said it had launched an inquiry. France 2 television reported that police were treating it as an accident.

Investigators will not be able to enter the cathedral’s blackened nave until experts are satisfied its stone walls withstood the heat and the building is structurally sound. Television images showed firefighters atop the towers.

“The fire is fully extinguished,” fire service spokesman Gabriel Plus told reporters. “Our job today is to monitor the structure and its movements.”

The Paris prosecutor has opened an investigation into “involuntary destruction by fire.” Police on Tuesday began questioning the workers involved in the restoration, the prosecutor’s office said.

Video: Horrific moment the spire of the Notre Dame collapses

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