At least one Hong Kong demonstrator was shot on Monday, Nov. 11,  as hundreds of citizens sought to disrupt traffic in Sai Wan Ho, on the northeastern side of the island, with the intention of starting a general strike, RT Hong Kong described.

The terrible event—recorded on video, broadcast on the networks and published by Cupid News—took place in the middle of protests that began over a controversial extradition bill (now withdrawn), and gradually turned into a defense of democracy and a massive citizen rejection of the repression and government policies promoted by the Chinese Communist Party.

The events took place after a traffic policeman drew his gun and pointed it at one of the unarmed demonstrators.

Some demonstrators came to help the individual. One of the young men in black attire and a mask approached and tried to strike the officer’s weapon with his bare hand.

Despite his nonaggressive attitude, the police officer shot him in the abdomen. The young man collapsed immediately. He then fired two more shots at two other young demonstrators who began to struggle with him, one of whom also fell to the ground.

A minute later the riot police appeared. When people began protesting in anger and asking for explanations for the shooting, officers began spraying pepper spray and making arrests in an attempt to dissuade the crowd. An ambulance came and took the two men away.

A woman, visibly upset, who confronted riot police was beaten several times, sprayed with pepper spray, and violently thrown to the ground while demonstrators showed their anger to agents by throwing objects at them.

Emergency surgery

The seriously injured demonstrator required resuscitating and then underwent an emergency surgery due to significant kidney and liver damage and a crushed renal vein, according to an anonymous source cited by the Ming Pao media, which noted that the other demonstrator had also been injured by another gunshot.

Hospital authorities declared at 11:00 a.m. (local time) that one of the injured men was in critical condition. Just over an hour later, the government confirmed that an officer had shot at least one man, Hong Kong FP reported.

The images, which also showed how a riot police officer trying to get the demonstrator lying in a pool of blood to his feet, aroused outrage in the networks.

“The unarmed young man who was shot in the abdomen is an alumnus of Salesian School on Hong Kong Island, the high school I went to. Is this the proper way to handle a casualty who is likely to suffer from internal organs lacerations and crushed veins?” pro-democracy legislator Ray Chan denounced on his Twitter account.

The rally took place early in the morning after the death of 22-year-old university student Alex Chow Tsz-lok from injuries sustained falling from the third floor to the second floor in a parking garage while riot police launched tear gas and tried to disperse demonstrators.

After noon, police again fired tear gas and other projectiles at the crowd of demonstrators who had gathered in various districts and universities in Hong Kong, Hong Kong FP said.