After the Trump administration announced the United States U.N. Ambassador Kelly Craft’s diplomatic visit to Taiwan next week, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was furious and announced that America would pay a “heavy price” for the visit.

The United States recently announced that Craft will visit Taipei next week to meet with Taiwanese officials and diplomats. While Taiwan self-governs, the CCP continues to insist that the island is part of its territory and was infuriated by the announcement.

“The United States will not succeed in its attempt to damage China’s fundamental interests by politically manipulating the Taiwan issue,” a spokesman for the Chinese mission to the U.N. said in a threatening statement. “We wish to remind the United States that whoever plays with fire will burn himself. The United States will pay a heavy price for its wrong action.” 

The threat sent by the CCP continued, “China strongly urges the United States to stop its crazy provocation, stop creating new difficulties for Sino-U.S. relations and cooperation between the two countries in the United Nations, and stop going further on the wrong path.”

During the Trump administration, the United States has deepened its good relationship with Taiwan, supporting its freedoms and autonomy in the face of the constant harassment by the CCP. This position has generated strong tensions between the two powers.

On Thursday, the United States announced Craft’s visit in an official statement, saying, “During her trip, the Ambassador will reinforce the U.S. government’s strong and ongoing support for Taiwan’s international space.”

In addition, the ambassador is scheduled to deliver a speech on the importance of Taiwan’s participation in international organizations. The CCP has promoted and succeeded in keeping Taiwan isolated from the institutions of the United Nations.

The CCP’s influence on international organizations with a globalist bent, such as the U.N., is well known, and for this reason it has managed for years to keep Taiwan out of any kind of participation and opinion within the U.N. 

The support provided by the Trump administration, defending the autonomy and independence of the island, caused instability in the overwhelming plans of the CCP to keep Taiwan under its orbit.

According to Fox News, in its statement Friday the Chinese mission reiterated its affirmation that “the region of Taiwan is an inalienable part of China’s territory. It also stated that it has the support of the U.N. in this regard.