A children’s book by German authors claimed that the CCP Virus came from China, as is known worldwide, but in the face of strong pressure from Chinese Communist Party (CCP) diplomats and local Chinese, the publisher decided to remove it completely and terminate its marketing.

The book that was published during the summer of 2020 is titled “A Corona Rainbow” by Anna and Moritz. The book attempted to help children understand the radically different world they encountered during the pandemic caused by the CCP Virus.

CCP censorship in Germany

The book mainly contains pictures, since it is geared toward a children’s audience, although it also has a short story in which the children’s father says, “The virus came from China and has spread from there across the world,” according to what The Times reported.

Despite an overwhelming scientific consensus that the virus emerged in Wuhan, central China, the CCP has consistently denied it, even promulgating unfounded conspiracy theories, such as that the U.S. military brought the virus to China with the intention of affecting its population.

The phrase “Chinese virus” was actually made popular by the former President Donald Trump, with the express intention of making the world aware of the real culprits responsible for the global disaster caused by the virus.

The CCP, which is a specialist in victimizing itself and looking for enemies, tried to impose the idea that saying “Chinese virus” would generate racism and discrimination, when Trump himself repeatedly stated that those responsible for the catastrophe were not the Chinese people, but the Chinese Communist Party, which has been oppressing its people for decades.

CCP influence

The Chinese Consulate in Hamburg, took up and helped give strength to a campaign started on social networks among Chinese citizens in Germany, which aimed to motivate people to log on to Amazon to rate the book with a single star, claiming that it was “spreading racism among children in Germany.”

Chinese state-run propaganda media also weighed in on the matter, the Global Times said, “The Chinese community believes a simple apology is not enough and called for the book to be withdrawn.”

Heeding the pressure campaign, Carlsen Publishing apologized and decided to destroy the remaining copies of the book and end its production.

“We wouldn’t put it that way today. If the phrases have hurt the feelings of any of our readers, we are very sorry. This wasn’t what we intended and we apologize to those affected. The copies that are still available will be destroyed,” the publisher announced.

The attitude of “destroying the available copies” was surely well received by the CCP, which has a long history of burning books linked to its ancestral culture or on religion or other spiritual beliefs. 

In 2019, the case of a library in Zhenyuan County, in northwest China had to burn a collection of books considered politically incorrect by order of the CCP, became known.


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