Professors at the prestigious University of Oxford, England, have expressed their deep dissatisfaction with the institution after a proposal emerged that, if implemented, would require all academic appointees to demonstrate a commitment to ‘equality, diversity and inclusion.’

The Daily Mail reported that the University of Oxford’s race equality task force had launched a proposal detailing the importance of including a commitment to ‘equality, diversity and inclusion’ (EDI) as a prerequisite for staff recruitment.

“Good citizenship and/or commitment to EDI work” should be “essential criteria” for applicants in all selection and recruitment processes, the document reportedly said.

As the group promoting the proposal argued, the central aim is to address racial inequalities among staff and students.

However, some academics have fervently opposed the proposal since many of the ideas that are intended to be rewarded or imposed as a requirement are directly associated with leftist policies and ideologies, so in short, it would be rewarding a certain ideology and not scientific thought, which is the real engine of universities. 

“If we are supposed to pay attention to their EDI – their woke score – does this mean it doesn’t matter if they are useless at teaching and research? Or do you now have to get a minimum woke score to get a job,” protested a professor in dialogue with The Telegraph, who was not identified to protect him.

In the proposal sent out by the racial equality task force, one of the questions suggested as a way to measure someone’s “woke score” was, “Can you give me examples on how you have called out these kinds of issues in your previous appointment?”

The task force has sent faculty and students their proposals. They have been asked to submit their responses and comments by Wednesday and then send the final version on Friday to university officials, who will ultimately decide whether or not to accept the suggested new measures. 

Progressive policies have penetrated with force in the university education system, not only in England. Globalized education has allowed this insertion, which is repeated with different nuances but with similar techniques worldwide. 

These policies often promote gender ideologies, racial equality, LGBT ideology to the detriment of any conservative politics associated with tradition, patriotism, religion, belief in God, and spirituality. 

Leftist penetration of universities can be through subtle changes such as new progressive requirements for the incorporation of professors, or more obvious ones such as foreign funding of universities to develop extremist groups or promote pro-abortion ideology.

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