Just days after the European Union signed a multimillion-dollar investment pact with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) recognizing it as a strategic and trade partner, the CCP conducted a raid in which it arrested 53 pro-democracy politicians and activists under Hong Kong’s national security law, Breitbart reported.

Nigel Farage, Brexit’s party leader and a leading British Conservative, condemned the CCP’s repression.

According to a Hong Kong Free Press report, “It was the largest national security roundup since the controversial legislation was imposed on the semi-autonomous region on June 30, 2020.”

About 1,000 police officers carried out the operation in the city and according to the Senior Superintendent Steve Li, those arrested are accused of “subversive behavior” simply because they organized to participate in the legislative elections and planned a strategy to make the government listen to their demands.

The timing of the operation really raises questions; when in the days before the signing of the pact, European legislators and government officials pressured the CCP over the use of forced labor in the region of Xinjiang, the communist authorities showed themselves to be “moderate” and even went so far as to say (lie) that they would adapt to international rules prohibiting forced labor.

However, once the pact was signed, the CCP showed its true colors.

The last British governor of Hong Kong, Chris Patten, asked the European Union to abandon the investment pact with the CCP after the raids.

“If this deal goes ahead it will make a mockery of Europe’s ambitions to be taken seriously as a global political and economic player. It spits in the face of human rights and shows a delusional view of the Chinese Communist Party’s trustworthiness on the international stage,” Patten said.

The founder and chairman of Hong Kong Watch, Benedict Rogers, said, “Coming just a week after EU leaders rewarded China with an investment treaty, it is clear once again that Xi Jinping not only has contempt for democracy but no interest in upholding China’s treaty obligations under international law.”

The investment pact still needs the approval of the European Parliament, which certainly has a somewhat more critical stance than the heads of state, but this is not the first time that the European bloc has signed multimillion-dollar treaties with the CCP, even though it is aware of its deplorable record of human rights violations.

Once again, what the globalist powers supposedly created for the greater good are proving to be useless and counterproductive for humanity because they not only despise life but leave a legacy of greed, cynicism, and immorality.


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