In a stunning move against free speech and for globalism, the UK announced that it will combat online propaganda that discredits vaccines, after arresting 150 people for protesting against the vaccine on Nov. 28.

Protesters came to London with “Unmask Truth” signs and chanting “Freedom” in defiance of strict rules set by the spread of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus that prohibits mass gatherings.

Many of them were also fined. 

“The army has mobilized an elite ‘information warfare’ unit renowned for assisting operations against Al-Qaeda and the Taliban to counter online propaganda against vaccines, as Britain prepares to deliver its first injections within days,” The Times tweeted on Nov. 29. 

This army unit was created in 2010 and put into action in Afghanistan against Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, its specialties include psychological warfare.

It is expected that in January soldiers will be called up to join in the controversial spying operations and consequent repression of the dissemination of messages against vaccinations. 

The British government said it had gathered 2 million doses of the modern-day CCP vaccine, after two weeks earlier it had 5 million doses, according to NBC News.

Also, the United Kingdom, with a population of 67 million, could obtain up to 357 million doses of vaccine from seven developers.

After the CCP Virus affected most countries, politicians were accused of taking advantage to “gain power” and pharmaceutical companies of seeking to enrich themselves by selling billions of vaccines that often generate mistrust.

The fear is used to promote globalization that according to analysts seeks a kind of world dictatorship, and among those who promote it would be Bill Gates. 

These measures against freedom of expression, which will most likely extend to other aspects of British life, were widely debated on social networks. 

The journalist Cesare Sacchetti, from the Twitter account @CesareSacchetti commented on this. 

“Boris Johnson’s government will use military intelligence to spy on and prosecute anti-vaccine militants. Globalism is not after human traffickers or terrorists,” he said.

“It’s after free speech. Globalism can’t fight criminals. Globalism itself is a crime,” he added.

Internet user @_InThisTogether gave his opinion on the legal aspects of the terms and their definitions. They label those who oppose the use of the vaccine as enemies of the state and therefore they are targets of its forms of repression, “An anti-vax militant is a militant, which is another way of saying a “threat to national security,” which is like an extremist, so practically a terrorist, which is what we all will be labeled if we ever disagree or voice any concerns about pharmaceutical corporation’s products,” he wrote. 

For @crookophobe, the worldwide projection of this outrage by the UK government foretells a dark future for all. 

“When the boot hits the neck…is it really your loving Nanny State doing ‘what’s right for you?'”

“This is what’s on the line — in the US and GLOBALLY in 2021,” warns Twitter user @crookophobe.

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