A British lawyer who worked for the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) and who in 2019 alleged that her office provided the Chinese communist regime with the names and information of Chinese dissidents that OHCHR organized to testify, warned Fox News this Monday, June 14, that the UN is doing everything it can to please China.

Dr. Emma Reilly first alleged in 2017 that the OHCHR office in Switzerland, at China’s request, was giving them the list of names of dissidents and critics of the CCP to Chinese officials when they were organized to speak about human rights abuses. According to her, the practice began as early as 2013.

“The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) apparently continues to provide China with advance information on whether named human rights defenders plan to attend meetings” in Geneva, the lawyer said.

Because the CCP knew who the people who would testify against them were, it put pressure on their families, and in some cases, managed to detain them, torture them, and one of them even died in custody.

But it was only in 2019 when she wrote a letter to senior U.S. diplomats and spoke to the press that her complaint became prominent to the point that in 2020, the United Nations Secretary-General, the Portuguese Antonio Guterres, granted her the status of ‘whistleblower’ to be protected due to the sensitivity of her complaint.

“When Chinese dissidents come to the U.N. to speak out about human rights abuses, the last thing they expect is for the U.N. to report them to China. I have been asking the UN to stop this horrific practice, and investigate those responsible, for almost seven years. The U.N. has consistently refused to act,” Reilly said.

However, the lawyer said the UN is seeking to remove her whistleblower status because her complaint is false, and she has since suffered retaliation from her superiors.

“Instead of taking action to stop names being handed over, the UN has focused its energy on retaliating against me for daring to report it. I have been ostracized, publicly defamed, deprived of functions, and my career has been left in tatters,” Dr. Reilly said.

When her allegations were reported in the press, her colleagues, she says, could not understand how she could have done such a thing, which led her to believe that there is moral decay in the UN body.

“I am collateral damage, and senior managers are now apparently so utterly devoid of ethics that they genuinely do not understand why I would prioritize the lives of human beings over my pay and benefits,” Reilly said.

Recent pressure from the UN to remove his whistleblower status for Reilly is simply a sign that the organization is simply responding to China’s interests.

“I am not even permitted to report for work and the U.N. refuses to even pretend to give a reason. The retaliation is blatant and intended to send a message to all U.N. staff — China is the new boss, and no U.N. staffer should ever report breaking the rules to please Beijing,” the lawyer stated.

WHO’s relationship with China another example of bias

When the first cases of coronavirus were reported in China in early 2020, the World Health Organization issued a statement on January 14 informing the world that there was no evidence of human-to-human transmission of the virus.

Subsequent investigations place the first cases of CCP virus in December 2019 by which time health authorities in many Chinese provinces had confirmed to the central government that the disease was human-to-human transmitted and highly contagious.

Because of the WHO notification, 5 million Chinese from Wuhan, the epicenter of the pandemic, left China for Europe and the United States, carrying the virus with them and causing the pandemic.

The WHO’s actions were labeled a cover-up by the Trump Administration and the U.S. withdrew as a member due to the organization’s lack of transparency.

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