Emma Reilly, a lawyer, working for the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) who in March of this year reported that the Office was handing out lists of names of Chinese dissidents who were going to denounce the Chinese Communist regime at its Geneva headquarters, was fired for speaking to the media.

According to Fox News, Dr. Reilly was fired 24 hours after giving an interview to the French newspaper Le Monde, despite being the first to denounce the infiltration of the Chinese Communist Party at the UN in 2017.

The lawyer denounced for the first time in 2017 that the OHCHR office in Switzerland, at the request of the Chinese authorities, gave them the list of names of dissidents and critics of the CCP who would go to speak about human rights abuses at the Geneva headquarters. According to her, the practice began as early as 2013.

In her complaint, Dr. Reilly claims that many of these dissidents are persecuted and intimidated. Even their relatives in China are imprisoned to prevent them from giving their statements at the UN.

Apparently, after speaking to her bosses at OHCHR in 2017, there was no response, no investigation, and according to her, the practice of handing over names continued.

“When Chinese dissidents come to the U.N. to speak out about human rights abuses, the last thing they expect is for the U.N. to report them to China. I have been asking the UN to stop this horrific practice, and investigate those responsible, for almost seven years. The U.N. has consistently refused to act,” Reilly said.

After she made the allegations for which she provided evidence, her work at the UN declined, she stopped having access to her official emails and was not assigned cases to review.

In 2019, two years after she had denounced the CCP’s infiltration of the UN, she decided to speak to the media to give it the public exposure her case merited.

A day after giving an interview to Le Monde last November 9, Dr. Reilly was dismissed from her position at the UN for having disobeyed the order not to disclose information about what is considered an ongoing investigation.

“The U.N. accuses me only of disobeying an order to be silent. I am not accused of lying. I had a duty as a human being, let alone as a Human Rights Officer, to tell the press when telling my superiors and governments had no impact,” the lawyer told Fox News. “To be silent in the face of genocide is to stand with the oppressor.”

Reilly says that no government of all those she spoke to, including the United States, her home country Ireland, and the United Kingdom, has contacted her or offered her support. All they did was call their bosses and ask about the case.

Despite inconsistencies in the OHCHR’s statements that it initially said it had never handed over names to the CCP, but then corrected by saying it had and in the end that the practice had ended years ago, no one dared to challenge the authority of the human rights office, said Reilly, who believes that the CCP has not only infiltrated the UN but that the UN is in the service of Beijing.

“… when the High Commissioner for Human Rights and Secretary-General are silent on the largest network of concentration camps since the Nazis, it’s not because they are working on back-room diplomacy… It’s because China has been the new paymaster for some time,” the lawyer claimed.

A spokesman for the U.S. mission to the U.N. told Fox News in an earlier article on the issue, “We believe that any such issue should first be addressed at U.N. headquarters before we make a comment.”

However, since Dr. Reilly’s complaint in 2017, nearly four years have passed, and the UN has not commented publicly on the matter, leaving in doubt the willingness to resolve the issue.

As for the reasons for her dismissal, the lawyer shared the letter sent to her by the UN with Fox News which in turn requested comments from the agency’s representatives who said:

“It is not the practice of this office to comment on internal matters that are strictly confidential to protect not only the Organization but the individual concerned. In this particular matter, Ms. Reilly has made public a communication which had been sent to her on a strictly confidential basis.”

Dr. Reilly assured that she would take her complaint outside the UN justice system, where she will find no justice or fairness, and will also urge member states to demand transparency in the actions of the international body, which has no independent oversight when it comes to internal corruption.

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