For the first time, the head of the British Secret Intelligence Service, MI6, Richard Moore, gave a public lecture, and in it, he highlighted the risks posed to the world by the advancing Chinese communist regime.

“We are concerned by the Chinese government’s attempt to distort public discourse and political decision making across the globe,” warned Moore according to the MI6 report of Nov. 30. 

He added: “We want other countries to be clear-eyed about the debt traps, data exposure, and vulnerability to political coercion that arise from dependency on relationships where there is no recourse to an independent judiciary or free press.”

He also highlighted the threat of Communist Party of China (CPC) authoritarianism and the ideological and value differences it holds with Western countries. 

“But the fact remains that China is an authoritarian state, with different values from ours. This is reflected in the threats we see emanating from the Chinese state, that coexist with these opportunities for cooperation,” Moore continued.

Although he also mentioned the threats posed by Russia, Iran, and international terrorism in his speech, most of the address was devoted to the CCP.

“The Chinese Intelligence Services are highly capable and continue to conduct large-scale espionage operations against the U.K. and our allies,” he added.

And he also said, “This includes targeting those working in government, industries, or on research of particular interest to the Chinese state. They also monitor and attempt to exercise undue influence over the Chinese diaspora.”

Moore did not overlook the CCP’s human rights abuses in Hong Kong and against the Uighur people of Xinjiang province, alluding to them. 

These remarks by the head of MI6, the British agency equivalent to the U.S. CIA, “represent a notable shift from MI6’s former stance toward China,” noted Washington Examiner author Tom Rogan.

He added: “Regardless, Moore’s words will be welcomed in Washington. America’s closest ally is getting more serious about America’s greatest adversary.”

While the tone of the Biden administration’s relationship with the CCP has softened, the administration of then-President Donald Trump developed a close watch on the regime’s undesirable developments and did not hesitate to sanction it whenever necessary.  

In this sense, both the U.S. Director of National Intelligence (DNI), John Ratcliffe, and U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo agreed.

For his part, Ratcliffe warned in an opinion article published in the Wall Street Journal that Beijing intended to dominate the United States and the rest of the planet economically, militarily, and technologically, according to The Hill.

In this context, Pompeo referred to the influence of the Chinese regime as the greatest threat to the national security of the United States and other free nations around the world since World War II.

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