UK Transport Secretary Grant Shapps reported that his office is planning with other world officials to introduce an “internationally recognized” vaccination passport to check that travelers have the CCP Virus vaccination, which could mean that in the future it will be mandatory to have the vaccine in order to move freely. 

Shapps said he had spoken with his counterparts in Singapore and the United States about possibly imposing a certificate of immunity as a requirement. In response to inquiries, he denied that for the time being it would not be required for normal movement within Britain, although he did not rule it out in the future.

“When it comes to international travel, I imagine that in the future there will be an international system where countries will want to know that you’ve been potentially vaccinated or potentially had tests taken before flying,” the transport minister told BBC Radio 4’s “Today” program on Wednesday, Feb. 10.

“The UK government is talking to other governments about this,” Shapps confirmed, as well as saying the government was also talking to bodies such as the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) about how best to ensure there are internationally recognized standards in place to better monitor.

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair not only announced his support for the creation of a vaccine passport, he also said that Great Britain should take the lead on the global stage for what he called a Covid Global Travel Pass.

The British government is not the first country to consider the possibility of a vaccine passport as a requirement for moving around the world, or at least certain regions. 

According to reports at the end of January, members of the European Union (EU) are in talks to implement a vaccination passport stating that the person has been vaccinated against the CCP virus. Carrying the passport would be a requirement for movement within the European territory.

An EU spokesman said, according to reports by the Daily Mail, that although the implementation of the vaccination passport is still “premature” due to the fact that there are not enough vaccinated people on the continent so far, the bloc has suggested that the system could be implemented in the near future.

According to a report by Summit News, behind this intention that several countries are announcing about the implementation of a kind of vaccine passport to allow free movement, would be a powerful coalition funded by the Rockefeller Foundation in charge of developing identification systems or “passports.”

The partnership is called the Vaccine Credentialing Initiative (VCI) and involves Microsoft, Salesforce, Oracle, and Mayo Clinic, a U.S. health care provider, and is backed by the globalist World Economic Forum.

The organization identified as The Commons Project, one of the participants, is already negotiating with various governments to make vaccinations mandatory in order to make its business profitable.

“Individuals are going to have to produce vaccination records for many aspects of returning to normal life,” declared Paul Meyer, CEO of The Commons Project.

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