The UK’s official health system believes that girls who don’t like dolls or the color pink are transgender and pushes them to transition, Breitbart reported.

Psychiatrist Dr. David Bell, former director of the London-based specialist mental health Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, which houses the UK’s only gender identity development service for children, stated that the department has a “rigid, binary construction of gender.”

The Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) is the only gender identity clinic in the UK for under-18s.

Speaking at a conference on gender dysphoria organized by Genspect, a support group for children and young people who question their sexual identity, Bell said the service’s “only acceptable explanation” for children who “don’t want to or can’t conform to gender stereotypes” is that they are transgender.

“Many young people, who are unwilling or unable … to conform to gender stereotypes … are misunderstood as being transgender,” the psychiatrist added. He further commented that children’s needs are being met in a woefully inadequate manner in the clinic, with a “caricatured” understanding of gender.

“That is, if you don’t like pink ribbons and dollies, you’re not really a girl,” Dr. Bell said at the conference on Sunday, Nov. 21, also revealing that the center is promoting medication and even surgery on children as “a form of conversion therapy.”

“98% of pubertal children progress from so-called puberty blockers and on to sex hormones, and thus starting them on puberty blockers is putting them on the road to opposite-sex hormones and to surgery,” Bell said.

The psychiatric physician also expressed concern about the lack of knowledge and preparation of the clinic’s medical staff responsible for evaluating “complex disorders in childhood and adolescence,” even mentioning the existence of “powerful politicized lobbies” that influence the professionals’ decision-making. “The staff had a great fear of being called transphobic,” he explained. 

Tavistock’s alignment “with affirmative pressure groups, that is, pressure groups that seek to affirm the desire to change gender, tending to see it only as a positive option to be encouraged, acts as an ideological underpinning for this simplification,” Dr. Bell said.

In a report Dr Bell developed in 2019, he indicated that the (GIDS) did not take into account other factors that could be influencing children’s gender dysphoria, such as a history of previous abuse or autism, and revealed the troubling fact that in some cases the child was referred for hormone treatment after a single session.

In many cases, children who logically have not developed their mental and physical maturity and were pushed to change their biological identity suffer a significantly negative impact that can lead to depressive crises and suicides when they grow up.  

Keira Bell, 24, took legal action against Tavistock and the Portman Trust, arguing that children cannot give consent to take hormone medication, that she had been pushed into it, and it is something she deeply regrets.

A High Court ruled that children under the age of 16 could not be given puberty blockers without first obtaining court permission, but last month in a surprise judgment, the ruling was overturned.

Bell said she will seek to appeal to the Supreme Court and that she was disappointed that the court’s ruling was overturned, “especially that it did not grapple with the significant risk of harm that children are exposed to by being given powerful experimental drug.”

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