In Harlington, UK, a bereaved father has issued a warning about the threat of DVT (deep vein thrombosis) to parents and teens after his 24-year-old son died of playing video games for hours.

“No parent should outlive their child, it’s so very wrong,” said Stanley Greening, a father who lost his son Louis O’Neill in June 2020.

Doctors suspected DVT as the reason for O’Neill’s death, who was a fit young man and former football coach at Center Parcs in Hertfordshire. Blood circulation was limited because he had been inactive for some hours.

Greening said his son used to go to the gym and walk a lot before the lockdown, and he did not smoke or drink.

“Caught up in a virtual world he became less active, so easily done. Hours fly by when absorbed by the screen, I’ve done it countless times myself.” The father recalled the case, according to the Newsner.

Greening wrote in his social media post to raise awareness about the health condition, “This terrible thing was preventable had he or we known such risks. It is very rare in such circumstances but speaking to medical professionals I discover there has been a number of cases in youngsters during this lockdown.”

“The most common symptom is unexplained pain in the leg,” Greening said. “You can also develop a burning sensation and shortness of breath.”

“As more and more of us are working from home it is likely you are not getting out your chair as much as you need,” the grieved father added. “Stand up, walk around, and please, warn your kids. If I can prevent one loss in my son’s name then that’s one bright light that will shine on LOUIS. So STAND UP, for Louis.”

Greening, an artist, wrote about the incident on his Facebook page in 2020, describing how Louis was affected by the pandemic. He added how the lockdown led to him becoming inactive and spending too many hours in front of the screen.

Creating artwork, according to the father, has been a part of his “healing process.”

“I found I was able to release my grief on to paper and it became part of the healing process for me.” Greening said according to the BBC.

The young victim’s mourning family started the StandUpForLouis campaign to raise awareness about “how blood clots can kill young, fit, healthy people.”

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