Uighur Prime Minister in Exile Salih Hudayar is concerned that a Joe Biden administration may be less harsh on the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) over the human rights abuses suffered by the Uighur community in China than the Trump administration.

“We’re deeply concerned that they might reverse the policies that the Trump administration has done, and that they might take the same position as the Obama administration, which is a position of just silence,” Hudayar shared with Just the News.

Although Hudayar recalled that in principle, Biden’s campaign referred to the treatment of the Uighurs in the so-called re-education camps in northeast China as “genocide,” during the electoral process, which is supposedly on the verge of a transition, he has not returned to the subject.

“In fact, Newsweek has reached out to them, even we reached out to them, and they haven’t reached back out to us,” continued Hudayar.

Reports estimate that the CCP has imprisoned more than 1 million Uighurs in re-education camps, where they are subjected to punishment, continuous surveillance, and forms of political indoctrination aimed at eradicating their culture.

According to Just the News, the government in exile in East Turkistan, which is not recognized by the CCP, claims to represent more than 1 million Uighurs in exile in addition to the 35 million to 40 million Uighurs living in Xinjiang Province.

For Hudayar, among the various reasons that Biden would have to avoid the issue, one of them would be that his son, Hunter Biden, is involved with a Chinese company that is in turn involved with the massive surveillance of Uighurs.

In particular, an article in the Wall Street Journal, details that Hunter Biden came to invest in the technological startup known as Megvii, which, according to reports, along with the technological giant Huawei, carried out tests with a facial recognition system that could be used to arrest Uighurs.

“We’ve raised that concern [about Hunter Biden] numerous times before, but this round, we just were talking about them to follow up on their promise of recognizing the genocide, to speak out, to urge Congress to pass the Forced Labor Prevention Act, which has been stuck in the Senate,” Huyadar said. “And we haven’t gotten a response, Newsweek hasn’t gotten a response, either.”

According to Hudayar, the American audience needed to know that what was happening to the Uighur population was nothing more than genocide.

“The Chinese government [the CCP] in recent years has locked up millions of people in concentration camps and prisons and using them as slave labor, to [work] as slaves and in cotton fields, to [work] in factories producing products that are then sent here to the United States for consumption by the American consumers,” he added.

The Trump administration has shown an open commitment to fighting human rights abuses and has imposed sanctions against Chinese officials and companies that have been involved in religious persecution, not only of the Uighur community, but also of other groups and communities that are persecuted for their faith.

One of the most recent measures came from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who on Dec. 10 announced a sanction against Huang Yuanxiong, a CCP official with ties to the brutal persecution of the ancient Chinese spiritual discipline, Falun Gong.

Through a State Department press release, he designated both Huang and his immediate family for their involvement in “grave human rights violations” against Falun Gong practitioners using Section 7031 of the Foreign Operations and Related Programs Appropriations Act.

Falun Gong, a spiritual discipline widely known throughout the world, is not only known for its health benefits to the body and mind, but also for being a victim of massive human rights abuses against its practitioners, primarily in China for the mere fact of not renouncing their faith over the indoctrination to the Chinese Communist Party.

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