Another case of conservative censorship came to light on Thursday, Jan. 16, and the victim in this case was Canadian journalist Keean Bexte, who was suspended from Twitter for “abuse and harassment” after reporting on the suspected death of a British couple in Hong Kong.

The episode of his death was highly dubious, despite the fact that Hong Kong police claim that the pro-democracy couple from Britain jumped to their deaths, leaving a suicide note in Chinese and English.

In the censored tweet, the Rebel News journalist was skeptical about what had happened, calling on the international community.

Keean Bexte message on Twitter.

Twitter wrote as a justification for censorship: “Violating our rules against abuse and harassment. You may not engage in the targeted harassment of someone, or incite other people to do so. This includes wishing or hoping that someone experiences physical harm.”

This explanation and that of “incitement to hatred” are some of the rules for social networks that often block conservative content, despite the fact that it has always been the left that is characterized by provocative, violent and low-moral publications.

“Twitter folds like a cheap suit when powerful people want to silence me. Whether it is CCP loyalists or Communists in Canada, Twitter rarely stands up for free speech. It is a fault in their platform, but it’s not going to stop me from sharing the truth,” declared the censored journalist to TR News. Bexte appealed the suspension of Twitter, today he has his account reinstated although the tweet of the conflict can not be seen.

Local media reported that the dead were a 61-year-old woman named Liang and a 67-year-old British man named Robert, both married and holding British passports and Hong Kong identity cards. It is reported that they recently arrived in Hong Kong with a British passport and checked into the hotel. The content revealed that they support the return of people from Hong Kong, write words like “see what you see” and are not happy with recent social events. The couple was found wearing only a towel gown and underwear when they were believed to have fallen from the hotel room upstairs.

Other suspicious deaths have already been reported, even the pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong have been declaring “I will not kill myself,” just in case the pro-Beijing agents try some trap to take their lives.

Earlier this week, a video that appeared to show a man being pushed out the window of a high-rise building in Hong Kong went viral after police declared it another “unsuspicious suicide.”

Peaceful demonstrations in Hong Kong’s semi-autonomous administrative region began in June 2019 to oppose a controversial plan to extradite him to China, but ended in pro-democracy protests over alleged interference by the Chinese Communist Party.