The Trump administration would be mobilizing pro-life nations around the world to confront pro-abortion proposals promoted by the U.N., backed by the European Union (EU).

This was stated in a new report published by the Center for Family and Human Rights, referring to a letter that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services Alex Azar sent to foreign governments to ask for their support for the next world summit on “universal health coverage” to be held on Sept. 23.

With a united front, they intend to express their opposition to the enactment of new international standards that threaten the life of the unborn child and traditional values.

In the letter, they warn against “aggressive efforts to reinterpret international instruments to create a new international right to abortion and to promote international policies that weaken the family.”

For both officials, such efforts are “disturbing” and “take the focus off real health issues and import policy debates that should be handled at the national, subnational, or community level.”

The letter also refers to the terms “sexual and reproductive health” and “comprehensive sexuality education” as “ambiguous terms and expressions that cause confusion and have become associated with anti-family and pro-abortion policies.”

Trump, a pro-life president

It should be pointed out that during his first week in office, President Donald Trump issued an executive order known as the Mexico City Policy or the Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance Act that revoked taxpayer funding to the International Planned Parenthood abortion business, Life News reported.

Moreover, this is not the first time that the American leader, a staunch defender of life, promoted pro-life values abroad.

In 2017, his administration cut funding to a United Nations agency linked to coercive abortions and involuntary sterilizations, which the Chinese communist regime has been perpetrating for years, according to the BBC.

The pact promoted by the Trump administration is expected to meet with resistance from the EU since the supranational body rejected the final draft of the proposal a month ago insisting that it should include that the U.N., from now on, should be allowed to promote abortion, and that it should even be elevated to the category of “international law,” and encouraged as a method of “family planning.”

At this point, the Thai and Georgian negotiators reported that they will try to resolve the disagreement on the final draft, even by contacting each country personally, “and that, if necessary, they would convene more formal negotiations in early September.”

“Universal health coverage is an urgent priority for many poor countries that depend on international aid to implement their health programs,” Life News said, quoting one of its sources.

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