In January 2017, Brendan Lee Burton assaulted his neighbor Anita Christanga, 78, while she was in bed.

As a consequence of the assault, the elderly woman suffered many severe wounds, including a broken eye socket, broken jaw, broken nose, a brain bleed, and six broken ribs.

Burton is now being treated at Long Bay Prison Hospital for a broken jaw after being “beaten to a pulp” in a jail battle, according to Australian news outlets.

Tragically, four months after the violent attack, Anita died, but it was never determined whether her death was a direct consequence of the attack.

Anita Christanga died four months after an attack in January 2017. (SEVEN NEWS)

9News reported at the time of the incident that Anita’s injuries were so severe that they “can’t be fully comprehended because of the extreme level of brutality.”

Also reported by the Australian news outlet officers found blood splattered across her bedroom walls and pooled on the floor.

Burton, who originally denied assaulting Christanga and then confessed, was charged with causing grievous bodily harm  and committing an indictable offense.

The 18-year-old faces the charges with up to 20 years behind bars, but his sentence was postponed as he recovers from his wounds.

Anita’s family members read out a declaration of the victim’s impact at the final hearing.