Aleida Guevara March, one of the daughters of communist Ernesto “Che” Guevara, publicly called on the Cuban regime to apply more repression against the thousands of people who came out to demonstrate for freedom on the island, describing them as “low-class.”

Following the popular protests that erupted across the island on Sunday 11 July, the daughter of the genocidal Guevara, during an interview with “Radio Rebelde”, a far-left radio station in Argentina, expressed her support for the regime’s violent response against peaceful demonstrators, and encouraged them to escalate, Breitbart reported.  

Argentine communist Ernesto “Che” Guevara is the man who, along with Fidel Castro, perpetuated the 1959 takeover of Cuba. He was a pioneer in the use of concentration camps for dissidents, and was in charge of the firing squads for people who demonstrated against the Cuban regime, religious people and homosexuals. 

In 1964, Guevara told the UN: “We have to say here what is a well-known truth, that we have always expressed before the world: firing squad executions, yes, we have executed,” the communist Guevara acknowledged to the world and assured, “We execute and we will keep executing so long as it is necessary. Our struggle is a struggle to the death. 

In a controversial interview, Che’s daughter said: “Things are happening that are manipulated by the United States. Really low-life people; people who have no scruples have taken to the streets and then some fools follow them.” 

She added that “the situation is getting under control” in Cuba. “We are demanding that the police act and defend what is ours, … we are demanding that the police really take ‘the upper hand’,” she said.

Miguel Díaz-Canel, the current leader of Cuba’s communist regime, issued a “combat order” demanding that civilians take to the streets to attack anti-communist demonstrators. In addition, “acts of revolutionary affirmation” began to be organized, in mandatory rallies, to show support for the 62-year-old regime, according to Breitbart.

The island’s authorities, as well as Guevara March, insist on blaming the U.S. for both the protests and the extreme shortages in the country, citing an alleged ‘blockade’ on the Cuban economy, even though it does not prevent shipments of any humanitarian aid, including food and medicine, and largely allows travel between the two states.

The protests on Sunday 11 took place with the country in the midst of a serious economic and health crisis, with severe shortages of food, medicines, and basic products, which pushed Cubans to take to the streets to demonstrate against the tyrannical regime. 

Guevara March also stated that the Cuban Communist Party has developed its own vaccine against COVID-19, but that due to the U.S. embargo, they do not have syringes to administer it. However, she did not explain why the CCP (Chinese Communist Party), which is the country that produces the most syringes, given its close ties, does not sell them to Cuba. 

The marches on the island are still ongoing, although the closure of the internet has made it difficult to access information, but according to eyewitness accounts, there have been mass arrests and demonstrators disappearing. 

As reported by Breitbart, human rights groups confirmed more than 500 enforced disappearances or detentions of protesters, although this figure is considered low considering the number of people with no direct links to dissident organisations who took part in the protests. 

Among those confirmed missing or in police custody are well-known Cuban dissidents such as José Daniel Ferrer, Manuel Cuesta Morua and Damas de Branco leader Berta Soler, as well as protesting artist Luis Manuel Otero Alcantara.

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