Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò sent a letter to the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast, an annual Catholic event in which President Trump participated, and shared his vision of what the upcoming election represents for believers: a battle between good and evil where President Trump was appointed by Heaven to defeat these demonic forces.

Viganò is an Italian archbishop of the Catholic Church who served as apostolic nuncio to the United States from Oct. 19, 2011 until April 12, 2016. He served as secretary-general of the Governorate of Vatican City State from July 16, 2009 to Sept. 3, 2011. An apostolic nuncio is ecclesiastical diplomat, serving as an envoy or a permanent diplomatic representative of the Holy See to a state or to an international organization according to Wikipedia.

The archbishop said that Catholics see in President Trump the greatest defender of Christian traditions: life from conception to natural death, traditional marriage between man and woman, and love for country. If President Trump wins re-election, it will allow believers to fully honor God. 

In fact, President Trump announced during the Catholic Breakfast that he would sign an executive order so that babies who survive abortions would receive the same lifesaving care as any other babies born prematurely, a much anticipated announcement by pro-life organizations and people across the country. The order was signed on Sept. 25.

In his letter, which was not read during the event that took place virtually, Viganò said, “The presidential elections in November represent an epochal challenge, a biblical challenge, the outcome of which will be decisive not only for the United States of America but for the whole world.”

Viganò ended his letter with a warning, “It is necessary that all of you Catholics of America are well aware of the role that Providence has deigned to entrust to your President, and that you are aware of the extraordinary battle that He is preparing to fight against the demonic forces of the deep state and against the New World Order.”

The deep state mentioned by the Viganò, is a term that initially was covered with a mantle of conspiracy theory but it has gained ground in some mainstream media as certain events were revealed and showed that there are bad actors behind the scenes trying to manipulate the direction of things. 

In a program on Aug. 6, 2020, Sean Hannity, a well-known political commentator on Fox News, hosted a show dedicated to “How Deep State works hand-in-hand with Democrats to attack Trump.”

Hannity explained how the impeachment of President Trump, or better known as the “Russian hoax,” was carried out by the deep state, people at high levels of government or with a lot of power who carry out a parallel agenda in order to manipulate or force the direction of events, in this case, remove President Trump from office.

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