Pope Francis’ health condition is so serious that people close to him do not believe he will live past next year, says Newsmax chief political columnist and White House correspondent John Gizzi.

Gizzi cites reliable Vatican contacts as a source, including “the secretary of one of the most powerful Vatican cardinals,” according to his Dec. 7 article. 

In fact, the pope underwent surgery due to the ailments of diverticulitis, a disorder of the colon wall, in July, and it also appears that at nearly 85 years of age, he “is physically and perhaps mentally not well,” Gizzi adds.

“[T]here is a very significant detail that many in these hours underestimate, ignore or manipulate: the disease that has struck Pope Francis is severe and degenerative. It could also be chronic,” Luis Badiolla Morales, who is close to Francis and has good contacts, shared in those days.

Because of that surgery he remained confined in a hospital in Rome for 10 days, and although officially it was not mentioned that he had cancer, for some his ailment is much greater than what has been reported.

Gizi added that Vatican officials are already in “pre-conclave mode” and preparing the logistics for Francis’ passing.

Francis himself alluded to the conclave after his operation: “[I am] still alive, even though some people wanted me to die. I know there were even meetings between prelates who thought the pope’s condition was more serious than the official version. They were preparing for the conclave,” as he said in Slovakia before some Jesuits on Sept. 12, 2021.

These somber expectations about the possible upcoming death of Pope Francis give way to the Vatican’s possible candidates for his replacement, which in any case seems that he will not be as liberal as the present incumbent.

Gizzi postulates in first place the Hungarian cardinal, Peter Erdo, who among his skills has an adequate command of seven languages, his political line would be of the center, with appreciation for the traditionalists within the church.

He also rules out the current Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, given the limitations imposed by an agreement signed with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Some analysts agree that on that occasion he gave in too much to the Chinese regime.

On the other hand, although Francis appointed many little-known cardinals, and avoided gathering them together so that, possibly, they would not collude against him, Gizzi estimates that they are predominantly conservative.

“It’s been Francis’ strategy from the beginning to keep everyone distant and separate,” according to one cardinal’s statement.

Pope Francis’ actions have been highly controversial throughout his papacy, in fact, at an April 11 Mass he said that sharing one’s property is an act of mercy not communism, erroneously making his faithful think that communism is about sharing.

“And that is what the disciples did: receiving mercy, they, in turn, became merciful. We see this in the first reading. The Acts of the Apostles relate that “no one claimed private ownership of any possessions, but everything they owned was held in common” (4:32). This is not communism, but pure Christianity,” he said on that occasion. 

Only communism is not about sharing, but an authoritarian state that takes away people’s private property by force, or in the socialism we see more widely practiced in the world, through laws.

Eventually, the government owns all the resources and keeps the population enslaved, and above all, the communist elite get disproportionately richer while the people get poorer.

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