The Petitions Committee of the German Bundestag passed a resolution on December 9th in response to a popular petition for Taiwan-German relations establishment. According to the Central News Agency, the Committee has recommended that the government re-evaluate its Taiwan policy and strengthen exchanges with Taiwan.

A German citizen named Michael started the petition in May 2019, asking the government to establish diplomatic relations with Taiwan. After the number of signatures exceeded 50,000, the petition committee invited officials to their public hearing held in December 2019.

At the time, Petra Sigmund, an official at the German Foreign Ministry, said that Taiwan and Germany share the same values ​​of democracy and freedom. The petition was suspended at the time; however, Germany has plans to expand relations with Taiwan.

In September this year, Germany held a general election exchange with Taiwan. It decided to forward the petitions the second time to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the various parties in the Parliament.

The resolution states that after the Federal Republic of Germany established diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China in 1972. The country adhered to the so-called “One China Policy” and ruled out the possibility of solely maintaining diplomatic relations with Taiwan. However, Germany supports close political, economic, and social exchanges with Taiwan, and expanding cooperation with Taiwan is in the interests of Germany and Europe, Aboluo Wangreported.

The Petition Committee recommends that the German government re-evaluate its Taiwan policy per the rapidly changing international situation, including recognizing Taiwan as a sovereign state and different possibilities for exchange and cooperation between the Union (EU) and Taiwan.

The Taiwan Representative Office in Germany welcomed the resolution. The Taiwanese representative also thanked the parliamentarians for their support of strengthening ties with Taiwan.

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