Thirteen parliamentarians from Canada’s major parties published an open letter to the Olympic Committee calling for the relocation of the venue of the Winter Olympic Games to be held in Beijing next year due to the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) abhorrent human rights violations.

The parliamentarians stated that participating in the Olympic Games in China “would be tantamount to taking part in a sinister and self-serving spectacle staged for the benefit of a regime that is perpetrating the worst possible crimes against humanity against its own people.”

In the letter, which was also signed by Olympic champion Jean-Luc Brassard, the lawmakers compared the games in Beijing to those in Berlin in 1936 During the Holocaust perpetrated by the Nazis.

“We want to ensure that the medals they win in 2022 are not tainted by what will no doubt go down in history, like the 1936 Berlin Games, as The Games of Shame,” the lawmakers wrote.

At the time, the sporting event, which enjoyed positive press coverage, played the role of validating the legitimacy of Nazi Germany, which is exactly what the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is now seeking to achieve.

However, the focus of the signatories is not to call for a boycott of the event, which they claim is “unpopular” but to change the venue. “We are not asking our athletes to give up their Olympic dream, because we know full well how much effort will have gone into pursuing it,” the letter clarifies.

While Justin Trudeau’s government did not specifically condemn human rights violations in Xinjiang as the Trump administration did, Canada’s House of Commons did pass a resolution calling the Uighur crackdown a “genocide.”

“Some may argue that sports and politics should not mix. We would respond that when genocide is happening, it is no longer a matter of politics, but of human rights and crimes against humanity. We cannot accept the current status quo,” states the letter.

History repeats itself

In 2008, the Olympic Committee “awarded” the Chinese communist regime the Olympic Games in Beijing despite the widely documented human rights violations at the time.

Groups of people voluntarily organized a global movement called the “Human Rights Torch Relay” with the slogan “Olympic Games and human rights violations cannot coexist.”

To raise awareness, in every city where the CCP organized a torch relay, hundreds of people held a peaceful side event to condemn the repression in Tibet, the persecution of Falun Dafa, Christians.

Notably, in some of these cities where the authorities gave the CCP a free hand, thugs organized by the Chinese Embassy violently assaulted demonstrators, revealing how the CCP deals with anyone who opposes its arrogant dictatorship.

While the movement received some coverage in the international press, by that time knowledge of what was happening within China’s borders was very limited and actions such as this letter from Canadian parliamentarians or the recent U.S. and UK government sanctions on the CCP for persecuting its citizens were virtually nonexistent.

Certainly, with the amount of information that exists today about the abuses of the Chinese communist regime, the Beijing 2022 Olympics are a test for humanity, which must categorically reject the CCP.