Hong Kong billionaire Miles Guo, a U.S. resident, said that one of the essential measures in the confrontation with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is to break the blockade it has imposed on China’s internet network.

“Once the Internet blockade is broken, how much will the market of 1.4 billion Chinese people contribute to the U.S. economy?” Guo asked, considering that investments could amount to trillions of dollars, or even more, according to a video reviewed in the alternative media Gnews.


These figures should be communicated to Congress, so that lawmakers realize that the economy does not have to be hijacked by the CCP, so that the need to close hidden deals would disappear and the profits would be much higher, besides being legal, in Guo’s opinion.

Guo believes that President Donald Trump should abandon the commercial agreements that are being processed with the CCP, as they will be unnecessary, once the censorship of the Chinese internet is disabled.

In Guo’s opinion, these treaties would possibly offer profits of hundreds of billions of dollars over many years, while liberating the internet would allow for immediate gains of trillions of dollars.

Similarly, funding for companies dependent on the CCP should be suspended, and those that do should be sanctioned in accordance with legislation recently passed by Congress. The properties and assets of CCP officials and business people should be frozen, and they should be expelled from the country.

In his series of recommendations directed against the CCP, Guo proposed declaring the party illegal and confiscating all its assets abroad, “Confiscate their assets and kick them out of America.”

Guo has led the integration of the New Federal State of China, through which he intends to obtain the representation and administration of the Chinese nation, once the CCP is disqualified.

Guo and his allies hope that the United States will help them overthrow the CCP, “I tell the Americans and my Chinese compatriots that bringing down the CCP does not mean eliminating the 90 million members of the CCP, but it is their salvation, the salvation of the 1.4 billion Chinese people, and the salvation of the whole world,” Guo stressed.

“What we have to do is disable [the influence] of a few families, to be exact—less than ten families, forgive all the prisoners of the Chinese regime except the criminals, and give the land back to the people,” these are some of the measures to be taken for the reorganization of China, according to Guo.

This defender of the Chinese people’s autonomy also maintains that the loyalty of the 56 countries that support the CCP has been bought with money, that none of them is a good friend of the CCP, and that they would be willing to destroy it as soon as possible.

The CCP will not only have to deal with the dozens of countries with which it has initiated conflicts but will also deal with the dissidents to its regime who are now uniting around the new Federal State of China.

In fact, this entity was unveiled by Hong Kong billionaire Guo and former presidential adviser Steve Bannon on June 4, the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre, in front of the Statue of Liberty.

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