Public opinion in the UK, Germany, and India strongly punishes the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for its lack of transparency and honesty about the CCP Virus outbreak.  

The survey shows a high disapproval rate in these countries for the CCP’s behavior in handling the crisis. The survey was conducted by McLaughlin & Associates between May 8 and 17.

The results show that in India 78% of those surveyed believe that the CCP withheld important data from the international community that should have been reported in a timely manner.

Also, 88% agree that the CCP and the World Health Organization (WHO) should be investigated as to what they knew about the CCP Virus and when they became aware of it.

As to whether their respective countries should end their dependence on the CCP, 80% of Indians felt that they should, as did 74% of British respondents.

Similarly, 81% of British voters stated that the CCP should take responsibility for the events generated by the CCP Virus, while 85% of Indians also agreed on this point.  

For 69% of Germans, the CCP has not been open and honest about the health crisis generated by the CCP Virus in their territory.

The results of the survey show a complete international rejection of the CCP, and the irregular handling of the pandemic, of which it is accused.

To aggravate the situation, the aggressive and retaliatory attitude of the CCP in the diplomatic and commercial arenas against the countries that demanded the investigation of the facts has been a complete failure, and only served to further discredit the regime.   

Moreover, the intensification of the repression of Hong Kong and the constant violations of human rights make the regime increasingly seen as a threat.

Thus, the hundreds of thousands of deaths, the millions of people infected, and the huge economic losses suffered by most countries in the world from the CCP Virus are passing part of the bill to the CCP.

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