While the world condemns the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan, the Chinese regime and its propaganda apparatus celebrate the conquest of the radical group by portraying an idyllic image of the new reality being experienced by the Afghan people. Even the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) quickly offered “friendship and cooperation” to the Islamic extremists in official statements on Monday.

On Monday, Aug. 16, the covers of Western newspapers showed the terrible situation in Afghanistan following the Taliban takeover of the capital Kabul, where hundreds of thousands of Afghans were desperately looking for a way to escape. 

But the message conveyed by the Chinese Foreign Ministry was completely different, describing the Taliban takeover as “the choice and will of the Afghan people.

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying curiously referred to the Taliban’s military occupation of Kabul as a “truce,” at the same time that the violent Taliban were reportedly going door-to-door in the captured cities to hunt down officials of the ousted civilian government, killing women seeking jobs and education, and dragging 12-year-old girls as jihadi brides.

While the embassies of major powers closed their doors and their officials were looking for ways to escape Afghanistan, the Chinese regime’s embassy “continues to function normally, and its ambassador and embassy staff will remain at their posts,” reported the South China Morning Post (SCMP).

The communist propaganda media, presented the news to Chinese citizens as a supposed victory for the common good, bringing happiness and prosperity for the Afghan people.

“It is a sunny day in Kabul. The Afghan workers who have guarded Chinatown all night are sleeping. Breakfast stalls reappeared in the streets with smiling vendors, happy that no officials can come and fine them for a while. Western troops are leaving in a hurry without the spirit they had when they first arrived … Chinese businessmen who remain in the country are witnessing historic changes,” Chinese media The Global Times reported on Monday.

The Chinese regime did not recognize the previous Taliban government, but this time it did not hesitate to welcome and support the extremists despite the international community’s general condemnation of the situation. 

Al Jazeera media on Tuesday reviewed a list of reasons for the change in attitude of the communist authorities in China, ranging from their delight at a massive defeat of the United States to their economic interests in the Belt and Road in Afghanistan.

The Chinese regime’s affinity with the Taliban was revealed in late July, when the extremists’ advance into Afghan villages was already in the news, China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with senior Taliban leaders in the northern Chinese city of Tianjin.

Already at the time, the meeting was seen as a significant step in the new alliance between the communist regime and the resurgent Islamist group that sought to rule Afghanistan after the confirmation of the departure of U.S. troops.

According to official reports, Wang Yi met with Taliban co-founder Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, who heads the group’s political committee. Baradar was accompanied by the heads of the Taliban’s religious and publicity committees.

Following the announcement of the complete withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, the Taliban have rapidly expanded their presence, controlling large swathes of the country until they reached the capital Kabul last Sunday, where they finally confirmed dominance of the entire country.

The Chinese communist regime flaunts its intervention in Afghanistan as a supposed mission to bring peace and reconciliation to its complex social fabric. In parallel, it has announced the extension of its “Belt and Road” economic corridor along its territory, as reported by the Daily Mail. 

Following the announcement of the withdrawal of U.S. troops in Afghanistan, the Chinese regime announced a $62 billion investment plan in the war-torn country.