Prestigious political scientist James Carafano, in an opinion piece on Fox News, took a stand against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and reported in detail on the atrocities it is committing, arguing that they have worldwide implications. Above all with the events regarding its handling of the CCP Virus, the espionage of the U.S. government and its policies of outrage and massive intervention.

The CCP is largely responsible for the transmission of the virus that caused the most extensive pandemic in world history. Generating chaos, economic crisis, and social unrest, all based on lies and deception. 

The CCP lied from the first day, when it knew what was happening in Wuhan and yet, despite the denunciations of countries like Taiwan, under the complicity of the World Health Organization (WHO), it hid the facts until it became evident in February when it was already too late and the virus had spread around the world.

In addition, the CCP hid the true numbers of infected and dead in China, reducing them to insignificant numbers and censoring any information and punishing those who dared to reveal them. In the rest of the world those figures were inflated for multiple reasons generating panic and uncertainty in society. 

“Later, the communist government [the CCP] tried to hide from us how contagious the disease was, even denying that it could be transmitted by person-to-person contact,” Carafano said.

The CCP continues to lie to this day, trying to identify the origin of the virus anywhere other than Wuhan Province in China, the actual place where the disease first appeared.

The outrageous behavior of the CCP during the pandemic goes beyond mere lies and negligence. It has also intimidated and threatened other nations, constantly seeking to take advantage of the delicate situation.

According to Carafano, CCP officials have threatened to withhold medical supplies and personal protective equipment from the U.S. market. At the same time, they have received criticism from around the world for exporting defective and deficient medical equipment, which far from cooperating has made the situation worse in many places.

The evil of the CCP is not limited to handling the virus. During this year the Trump administration was able to demonstrate repeated cases in which Chinese citizens, on behalf of the CCP’s intelligence services, have infiltrated government agencies, universities, and technology companies with the purpose of stealing information belonging to the United States, seeking to generate advantages in Chinese development.

And last week, a set of leaked documents revealed that many members of the Chinese Communist Party are in positions of power and influence around the world, especially in the United States, their main commercial competitor.

As for military intervention abroad, last week pro-democracy dissidents in Hong Kong received harsh prison sentences under the unfortunate national security law recently imposed by the CCP. 

The CCP has also stepped up its repression of the Uighur minority group with human rights abuses that many consider it raises the level to genocide. The repression includes persecution for religious beliefs, forced abortions, illegal imprisonment, and forced labor among other atrocities.

The fierce repression of China’s ancient spiritual discipline, Falun Gong, is a separate issue. Because of its health effects and spiritual responses, Falun Dafa became very popular during its public dissemination in China between 1992 and 1999. By early 1999, it was estimated that there were between 70 million and 100 million practitioners throughout China.

On July 20, 1999, CCP leader Jiang Zemin ordered the CCP to eradicate Falun Dafa within three months. From that day forward, a brutal persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners began, which continues to this day even outside of China. 

The persecution of Falun Gong is an atheistic campaign ordered by the Chinese Communist Party and led by the 610 Office, a special extrajudicial working group created specifically to exterminate Falun Dafa practitioners.

The CCP focuses on the implementation of a system of atheistic propaganda and smear campaigns against Falun Dafa, a program of ideological conversion and forced re-education, and a variety of illegal coercive measures, including arbitrary detention, forced labor, physical torture, and forced removal of organs followed by death.

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