One study projects that the approach to managing the CCP Virus pandemic could indirectly cause about 18,000 additional cancer deaths in the United Kingdom in one year.

One cause is the fear of contamination that limited patient care in hospitals, preventing an early diagnosis of cancer, and the fear of interfering with medical teams that might be “overwhelmed” by the crisis, which never happened, according to the research.

“The overall impact of the emergence of COVID-19 (the CCP virus) on the deaths of cancer patients could be substantial,” said the study’s lead author, professor Harry Hemingway.

The studies were conducted by University College London (UCL) and the Centre for Health Data Research for Cancer (DATA-CAN), based on data from more than 3.5 million patients in England and were published on April 29.

“We believe countries need to rapidly understand how the emergency is affecting cancer outcomes,” said professor Mark Lawler of Queen’s University Belfast and chief scientist at DATA-CAN.

The additional cancer deaths would be 20% of those occurring annually, or about 6,270 people, according to the analysis.

The researchers also focused on available data in the United States and estimated that the additional deaths from the same causes could amount to 33,890.

In addition, Dr. Daniel G. Murphy, director of the Emergency Department at St. Barnabas Hospital in the Bronx, New York, warned about the importance of returning to normalcy, beyond confinement, to allow patients affected by causes other than the CCP Virus to return to hospitals.

Murphy reported that most of the 240 patients who regularly attended his hospital before the pandemic stopped doing so and may be dying at home for fear of catching the virus if they go to see about their specific cases.  

Many of these patients must be part of the growing number dying at home from “fatal myocardial infarctions, asthma exacerbations, bacterial infections, and strokes,” Murphy wrote.

There is much damage caused by the CCP Virus pandemic, in addition to the more obvious direct deaths and economic losses, which will be revealed over time.

Several countries, legislators, and institutions are suing the Chinese regime for the devastating damage caused by its mishandling of the disease’s emergence on in China.

President Donald Trump said he has a plan to claim significant economic compensation from the Chinese regime and is considering several options to hold it accountable, according to FOX News.