A new research report reveals that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) used an army of trolls and invested a lot of money to impose the story of the CCP Virus that was functional to its interests, both inside and outside China.

The massive propaganda and censorship effort was first implemented to suppress the voice of the famous doctor Li Wenliang, who allegedly died earlier this year from contracting the CCP Virus (Wuhan virus).

This doctor was one of the first people to warn about the disease, but his attempts were in vain, as the CCP managed to silence him, as reported at the time by The Guardian.

It was on Dec. 30, 2019, when this doctor sent a statement to other colleagues through a group conversation in which he warned about this infection.

Shortly thereafter, he was investigated and detained by Public Security authorities,  along with dozens of other people, for spreading rumors. He was also forced to sign a letter admitting to making “false comments.”

A report published by ProPublica describes the leaked documents that relate the massive propaganda and censorship efforts used by the CCP to regain control of the narrative within the country about the CCP virus, after it transcended the warning messages published by Li.

The main objective of the CCP’s effort was to make the impact of the virus appear less severe within China on the one hand, and on the other hand to make government officials appear to have a firmer grip on the situation regarding the outbreak than they actually did.

ProPublica quoted University of California at Berkeley professor Xiao Qiang, who stated, “China’s propaganda and censorship operation is unrivaled by any other nation in the world.”

“This is a huge thing,” Xiao Qiang, a research scientist at UC Berkeley’s School of Information, told the media. “No other country has that.”

Chinese officials were extremely concerned that news of Li’s death would cause a “butterfly effect” on news about the virus, which could be harmful to the CCP.

So they ordered the media not to promote stories about Li and made an army of internet trolls available to remove the doctor’s name from social networking sites and current affairs lists and censor his stories.

The report also states that many more silenced voices were in tune with what Li was saying.

The leaked documents, used for the creation of the report, suggest a massive deployment of people, technology, and “presumably, a lot of money” in order to control the narrative about the CCP Virus.

The report is completely in line with the concerns that President Trump and many Republicans have expressed about the responsibility of the CCP in the global spread of the CCP Virus and the manipulation of information for its own benefit, both within China and around the world.

On the one hand, they sought to minimize what happened in China with respect to the virus, trying to give an “exemplary” image to the world of how the virus should be treated, and on the other hand, it promoted chaos in the rest of the world by promoting information aimed at generating panic and fear in the West. 

In addition, the army of trolls fed the world misinformation giving governments the opportunity to generate closures and extensive quarantines, which caused a deep economic crisis worldwide.

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