Survivors of the Budapest boat crash that killed 10 people, are receiving trauma intervention support from a Hungarian psychologist to help prevent post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

A psychologist with the Hungarian National Organization For Rescue Services crisis group, Agota Lenart said help is provided to the survivors to reduce PTSD-related symptoms.

Lenart said, “We tell them about the symptoms, what they can expect and how to fight it. They also need to understand that an abnormal reaction given an abnormal situation is normal.”

The psychologist observed that there are differences between Asian and Western cultures. “In some societies, like in Asia, the ones, who survived such an accident are, although they are seen as victims, getting stigmatized,” she explained.||4e6a40fd7__

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“The Korean traditions, the grief, and the burial are totally different from what we have here in Europe. And the questions that can be asked are also different,” said Lenart.

Her experience has indicated, “The crisis intervention help provided in time really helps to prevent PTSD, or helps to decrease the extent of it and fewer symptoms will show up.”

Last Wednesday, a river Viking cruise ship collided with a smaller sightseeing vessel on the Danube River beneath the Margit Bridge.

The capsized boat, carrying 33 South Korean tourists and two Hungarian crew, sank in about seven seconds, said Police Colonel Adrian Pal. Seven people were confirmed dead in an earlier report, while seven have been rescued.

Outside the Korean Embassy in Budapest, people lit candles and left flowers in memory of the crash victims, on June 3, 2019. (Screenshot/AP Video)

Divers on Monday recovered a body near the sunken boat, Hungarian officials said. However, the victim’s identity was not immediately released.

Rescue specialists from South Korea and Austria are assisting with the salvage efforts that are coordinated by Hungary’s Counterterrorism Center.

On Tuesday, rescuers recovered the body of another victim, increasing the death toll to 10. Eighteen people remain missing.

Outside the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Budapest, people lit candles and left flowers in memory of the crash victims.

Includes reporting from The Associated Press.


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