On Sept. 25, Pan Dongsheng, Vice Mayor of Fuzhou City, Fujian Province and Director of the Public Security Bureau, died unnaturally.

According to the Fuzhou Public Security Department’s official WeChat account, at 12:35 p.m. on Sept. 25, Pan Dongsheng, 57, fell ill at work and passed away. He was a party committee member of the Fujian Provincial Public Security Bureau, first-level inspector, Fuzhou City Deputy Mayor, and Director of the Department Police.

Pan Dongsheng had gone to the hospital two days earlier to check on pandemic prevention activities. Many Chinese police officers have died abruptly during the pandemic prevention and control period after the outbreak of the COVID-19 or CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus. Officials put it down to “death from overwork,” but the event occurred while the pandemic was raging in Fujian province.

Mainland netizens questioned Pan Dongsheng’s cause of death: “Is there an official who works so hard?” and “I have always felt that this announcement was very confusing. Is it sick or is it sudden?”

The deaths of hundreds of party members are remarkably similar

On March 17, 2020, a Twitter user “Jason V Lee” revealed a list of 317 dead people. What’s astounding is most of the persons on the list perished from overwork during the pandemic, and more than 80% of them were CCP members. In addition, many of them died of pneumonia, but no one claimed it was caused by COVID-19.

An informant provided NTDTV with a “death list” earlier this year. One page listed 65 deaths, mostly party members and police officers on the front line of pandemic control. “Sudden sickness from overwork” was listed as the common cause of death.

The list of dead personnel were those involved in pandemic prevention efforts, according to the informant. It is believed they died due to COVID-19, but they have not been included in the list of COVID deaths. This is a ruse that has been used by the CCP in the past.

On Jan. 21, 2020, Li Xian, a CCP police officer in Shandong province in charge of Internet censorship, died at his desk at noon. His work log, which hasn’t been cleared, is still visible on the computer showing results of his online searching for information about the CCP virus that contradicts the CCP’s whitewash effort.

Li Xian was a member of the Taishan Branch of the Tai’an Public Security Bureau’s Investigation Team. After the pandemic erupted, the CCP shut down the Internet to prevent people from spreading information or learning the truth about what was going on. China has a vast number of Internet policemen, such as Li Xian, in charge of erasing information concerning the pandemic on the Internet.

The CCP is hiding the number of patients infected with the CCP virus (COVID-19) while concealing and downplaying the number of individuals who died due to it. The CCP’s publicly available information is only the tip of the iceberg.

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