“War Room Pandemic” host and former White House strategist Steve Bannon is considered by many to be a hero of the Chinese people, as he is a constant critic of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), exposing their evil deeds whenever he can. As a result, he has also become an enemy of the regime, and it is after his blood.

Together with fugitive Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui, also known as Miles Kwok, the two have become business partners.

Guo is a fierce vocal critic of the CCP, who now lives in the United States and is on the CCP’s most wanted list, accused by the CCP of bribery, fraud, and money laundering. Bannon and Guo were united by one purpose—to bring down the CCP.

“We both naturally despise the Chinese Communist Party,” Guo said in an interview in December 2018, referring to Steve Bannon, reports the NYTimes. “That’s why we’ve become partners.”

Guo refutes the charges against him by the CCP and said they were made up after he was involved in a series of videos alleging corruption against high-ranking CCP officials, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Guo Wengui. (Screenshot/RealVision/YouTube video)

Thursday, Aug. 20, Bannon was arrested and charged with alleged wire fraud and money laundering, he was released on bail the same day.

Federal prosecutors in New York accused Bannon and three others, including triple-amputee Air Force veteran and founder of the We Build The Wall campaign Brian Kolfage, of an alleged $25 million fraud—donations to build a wall along the border with Mexico, according to Law & Crime.

Kolfage came out fighting on his Facebook page, “It’s the EXACT attorneys at the SDNY who are now attacking me, is this abuse of power to go after political opponents? Is this where our country is at now?? has the legal system been fully weaponized?” he wrote.

“Democrats love a good political witch hunt before the elections,” said Kolfage in a Facebook post. “Just remember these are the guys who went after a Trump and Rudy Giuliani last year!” he added.

“The witch hunt is on! I’m not going to be bullied into being a political prisoner for my beliefs. I have fought hard for these freedoms and the SDNY is on a all-out assault to take down every Trump insider from the 2016 election, that means Bannon. They will ruin innocent people’s lives in order to have a war trophy pinned to the wall just before elections,” wrote Kolfage on Facebook.

Donors are coming out in defense of the project, “If I had donated $10,000, I wouldn’t want it back,” said 55-year-old Leann Wilson of Turlock, California. Wilson said she’s donated small amounts, about $25, a few times since Kolfage launched We Build the Wall as a GoFundMe campaign in 2018, reports MarketWatch.

Wilson said she sees Bannon’s arrest as a “political hit job” and doesn’t mind that her money allegedly benefited Kolfage. “I really just don’t care,” Wilson told MarketWatch. “I totally back them 100%. I could care less if Brian got some money, more power to the guy. [He] suffered protecting our country being sent over to fight a war that I totally don’t agree with.”

Mark R. Roberts of Pennsylvania also donated many times, and hopes to donate again. “I hope I get to donate again,” Roberts, 58, told MarketWatch. He said he gave about $100 total to the effort, including buying a T-shirt and hoodie with We Build the Wall logos.

Bannon has pleaded not guilty and is calling it a “political hit job,” vowing to fight it all the way. After emerging from the Manhattan courthouse Bannon told reporters, “This entire fiasco is to stop people who want to build the wall.”

Their arrests come just days before the Republican National Convention, due to begin on Monday, Aug. 24.

Bannon is the latest to be indicted in a line targeted by the courts who were connected to the president either through the Trump campaign, as personal advisers, or in his administration. Those who have been convicted or pleaded guilty to federal crimes include Trump’s former campaign chairman, his deputy campaign chairman, his former personal attorney, and his former national security adviser.

Referring to the We Build The Wall campaign, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said Trump had “no involvement in this project.”

“President Trump has always felt the wall must be a government project and that it is far too big and complex to be handled privately,” McEnany said in a statement.

The president said on Thursday he felt “very badly” about Bannon’s arrest, reported The Washington Post.

Just recently, a movement called the New Federal State of China, aims to cause the demise of the CCP, was coordinated by Bannon and Guo. Former Chinese soccer great Hao Haidong, who now resides in Spain, read the Declaration on YouTube on June 4, and spoke of how he had at first believed in the Party but had “reached the conclusion” that the CCP should be “kicked out of humanity,” labeling it a “terrorist organization.”

Former Chinese soccer player Hao Haidong, led his country’s participation in the 2002 World Cup, the first and only championship in which he has participated. (Screenshot/@AllAfcFootball/Twitter)

With over 7 million followers on Weibo, after the interview was posted on YouTube, the CCP wiped Hao’s Weibo account, and sports media was instructed to never mention his name. Also pledging her support in the video was Haidong’s wife Ye Zhaoying, a former Olympic medalist in badminton.

The declaration was also read out in English by Bannon, on behalf of the Himalaya Supervisory Organization, a nongovernment organization, thus allowing those in the Western world to see and hear about the idea of a Chinese Federation.

“The elimination of the Chinese Communist Party is essential in breaking the shackles of slavery imposed on the Chinese people, and also in bringing about peace to the world,” read the declaration.

A drafting committee made up of Chinese citizens throughout the world created the document, said Bannon, they want freedom and change for the people in China. Bannon said he is honored to be asked to be an adviser to the Himalaya Supervisory Organization.

He focused attention on corruption in China after he left the White House in 2017, and this set off alarm bells in the CCP.

In late July 2020, during the forced closing of the Chinese Consulate in Houston by the United States, protesters critical of the CCP gathered outside of the consulate with flags of the New Federal State of China. Guo claims to have invested US$100 million in the movement.

“Today, China is increasingly authoritarian at home and more aggressive in its hostility to freedom everywhere else,” said U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo the day after the Chinese Consulate in Houston was closed.

“If the free world doesn’t change Communist China, Communist China will change us,” said Pompeo, speaking at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library in Yorba Linda, California.

Bannon has praised President Trump as “the only president in American history that has stood up to the CCP,” reported the Taiwan News.

Bannon is a fighter, and he intends to fight the charges against him. By connecting the dots it would appear he has the odds stacked against him, as the Democrats and the CCP together make formidable enemies.