Recently, two Starbucks stores in Wuxi city, Jiangsu province, China, used expired ingredients to make drinks for sale.

According to a report from China’s “Beijing News” on Dec. 13, two Starbucks stores in Wuxi continue to use expired ingredients.

Starbucks employees are taught how to handle expired ingredients from a video posted on the Internet. The disposal method is not to throw away but to tear off the expiration date label or modify the storage date.

Not only that, the media discovered that employees would use the same wipes for both trash cans and dining counters.

The official closed these two stores on December 13th and has started investigations.

Meanwhile, Starbucks responded to the incident that they have been open in China for 22 years. They always put food safety first. They apologize for this issue and will work to fix it. At the same time, they will cooperate closely with the investigation of the relevant government agencies and will conduct ongoing monitoring, Abolua Wang reported.

After the incident was investigated, on the evening of the same day, Wuxi City Supervision Bureau posted on Weibo a notice saying that:

 The market supervision department investigated 82 other Starbucks stores in the city, street and discovered 15 problems, including staff not wearing safety helmets, messy arrangement of items in the processing area, and incomplete disinfection records. The City Supervision Bureau conducted an interview with Starbucks in the Northeast region of China, requesting the company to complete a comprehensive inspection of existing food safety issues and take corrective action.

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