When children, who usually bring fun to the family, are born, they need the love and care of adults because they can’t drink or feed themself, and they also can’t say they’re hungry. But as soon as children grow up, they usually tend to like to do housework as well as take care of other family members.

After a heartwarming video of the moment a grandson feeds his grandfather went viral on social networks. It proved that as a person becomes older, that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to receive more and more respect, care, and love from their offspring.

The video was published by Michelle Botta, a Brazilian woman, who recorded the video when her son fed his grandfather.

In the video, the little one fed papaya to his grandfather with a small spoon. And he was being very careful and attentive. That seemed to have made his grandfather happy.

When the child was young, the grandfather cared for him and now the grandfather received care from the child.

Many people agreed that it was a magic moment and wrote that this is the most beautiful video they’ll see that day.


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