The autopsy of a person who died from the effects caused by the application of the controversial vaccine against the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus in Argentina was performed for the first time, and the results were officially certified.

The death of a person occurred on April 22, six hours after having received the dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine. After his death, the man’s son filed a legal claim for the tragic event, according to the lawyer Miguel Lanolfi in a video on May 21 [in Spanish]. 

“Luckily [the lawsuit] fell into the hands of a prosecutor [who] did what he had to do and requested the appropriate measures for the case,” Lanolfi stated, referring to the autopsy on the corpse. 

He added: “It was performed by the director of the morgue and he was able to determine definitely that the person’s death was a direct consequence of the inoculation of the gene treatment that we know [the vaccine].”

Even more shocking is that the victim of the CCP Virus treatment had undergone the also controversial molecular PCR test. The result was negative, which indicated that he was not infected by the virus.

The results of the autopsy were then reported to the relevant judicial authorities and to the Argentine Ministry of Health, and it is expected that the corresponding investigations will be carried out. 

This is yet another of the tens of thousands of deaths caused by the worldwide campaign of an experimental treatment that is being labeled as a vaccine, even though it has not yet been completed and, of course, has not yet been approved.  

Normally, when developing a vaccine, if 50 deaths are reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), the drug is immediately withdrawn from the market. 

The worrying thing is that thousands of deaths have already been reported, and yet mass vaccination programs continue to be promoted.

For the renowned U.S. cardiologist Peter McCullough, this irregular handling of treatments against a disease with a death rate of its victims close to 0.2% is only the tip of the iceberg.

“I’m not recommending that pregnant women get vaccinated,” McCullough said on the ‘Tucker Carlson Today’ program, adding that he was “deeply concerned” that “something has gone off the rails in the world” with the treatment of the CCP virus according to Fox News May 7. 

Among the reasons for his concern McCullough notes that more than a year into the pandemic, doctors still do not have an official treatment protocol for the disease. 

In addition, the science, medical literature and the irregular response to the virus have kept populations “in fear, isolation and despair”.

He also pointed out certain irregularities committed by the FDA and large pharmaceutical companies in the procedures for developing vaccines, one of them being the exclusion of large population groups from clinical trials. 

Thus, they excluded people who had recovered from CCP Virus infection, those with antibodies, pregnant women, and women of childbearing age who could not ensure contraception but apparently now intend to link them to the never-ending experiment. 

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