Gosiame Sithole, the South African mother who claimed to have given birth to ten babies, was sent to the hospital for a psychiatric examination just days after her spouse stated that he did not think the ten children exist and health authorities disputed the existence of the decuplets.

Sithole, 37, was detained by police officers in the early morning of Thursday, June 17, at a relative’s home in the northern township of Rabie Ridge. The police, who had accompanied Sithole to the station after her partner’s relatives notified them she was missing, said she had not been arrested for a crime.

Sithole’s lawyer, Refiloe Mokoena, maintained that her client is being kept against her wishes and she would seek a court to obtain her freedom.

Sithole’s claims sparked speculation after the Mediclinic Medforum Hospital in Pretori, where Sithole was supposed to have informed her husband she gave birth, had denied treating her, the South Africa’s Sunday Times reported.

Sithole accused her partner, Teboga Tsotetsi, and his family of trying to profit off the babies. Sithole told Pretoria News editor Piet Rampedi on June 15, “They were looking at the donations coming in and wanting to be millionaires from the births,” Sithole explained. ” That is why I have [my babies] where they are.”

Tsotetsi admitted he had not visited the decuplets and relied on his girlfriend who had informed him of their birth, according to a statement released by Tsotetsi’s family on Tuesday, June 15. The family said that they would not believe there were any decuplets until they are verified, reports the DailyMail.

Officials from the government have confirmed that they were aware of the situation and communicated with the family after Sithole gave birth to twins in 2016. However, a spokeswoman for the Department of Social Development, Feziwe Ndwayana claimed Wednesday, June 16, that she could not confirm the birth of ten babies because Sithole has not been in touch for some time.

Tsotetsi wants everyone to postpone donating money until he can show photographic proof of his decuplets. So far, no doctor has come forward to verify the birth of the ten babies.

The South African man revealed his wife left home and has not been seen since June 7. The 37-year-old mother is understood to have successfully delivered all 10 infants after midnight on June 8. However, no credible source has been able to verify this.

Tsotetsi claimed he was prevented from seeing the babies due to government restrictions to help contain the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus.

Tsotetsi traveled to Cape Town to accept a £50,000 ($69,982) gift on June 16, promising to reveal his 10 babies to the world when the time is right.