Left-leaning politicians want to create a new superstate called the United States of Europe.

Three German political parties formed a coalition at the request of incoming Social Democratic Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

Scholz, who replaces predecessor Angela Merkel, is already trying to rewrite European Union treaties to turn the bloc into a federal European state.

Recently appointed Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock, who leads the Green Party, is a well-known Europhile.

“A strong German foreign policy can only be a European one,” she said according to the Express. “A strong German foreign policy can only be European.”

The center-left Social Democrats (SPD), Free Democrats, and left-leaning Green Party also support Scholz’s proposal.

“Germany needs to send a signal in the direction in which the German government wants the EU to develop,” SPD leader Udo Bullmann said according to The Telegraph.

“We are not despondent, we are not looking back, and we do not have the shock of Brexit in our bones,” he added. “We want to take courageous steps towards integration because we know that time is short and people are waiting for them.”

French President Emmanuel Macron previously floated the idea of incorporating an EU army. This fueled speculation he might agree to form a United States of Europe.

However, members countries must unanimously decide to transform the EU. This might not be easy due to ongoing diplomatic disputes with Hungary and Poland.

Both Central European nations often defend their cultures, and the primacy of their national constitutions over EU rules.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán previously lambasted George Soros for being “one of the most corrupt people in the world.” The billionaire expatriate wants the EU to force Hungary and Poland to submit to globalist policies.

“George Soros is threatening Hungary and Poland,” Orbán told Kossuth Rádió, referring to the Soros’s open lobbying of the EU to take resources away from conservative-led countries.

“George Soros is one of the most corrupt people in the world; he has many politicians in his pocket who now want to blackmail Hungary and Poland to access EU funds,” Orbán added according to “About Hungary”–the Hungarian Prime Minister’s Office’s international communications information site.

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