Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Janša last week supported Hungary following harsh criticism from European Union (EU) leaders over a law banning LGBT content for minors, according to LIFE SITE.

The law enacted by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán bans LGBT content in educational material in schools and for under-18s on television.

The law was passed by the National Assembly on June 15 with 157 votes in favor and 1 against and was heavily criticized by European Union leaders in recent weeks. Even the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte, said Hungary should accept LGBT rights or leave the EU.

Until last week, it appeared that Poland was the only EU state backing Hungary. On Monday, June 28, the Polish education minister told the conservative magazine Sieci that they should copy this law for the entire Polish territory.

It should be noted that on Thursday, Slovenia took over the rotating presidency of the European Union Commission so it can be of great support for the country presided over by Viktor Orbán.

The Slovenian prime minister said during a press conference together with EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen that:

“There are differences that need to be taken into account and respected and I think there’s a clear division between national and European competences.”

He also emphasized that European values are perceived differently between different EU states.

In contrast von der Leyen said that this Hungarian legislation is a disgrace and goes against the values of the European Union. Angela Merkel of Germany, Antonio Costa of Portugal and Emmanuel Macron of France, among others, also expressed their disapproval.

Many European nations that oppose the LGBT agenda are from the central part of the region and were part of the Soviet Bloc, and with the fall of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, they re-embraced Christianity and its traditional values. 

These nations are Poland, Romania, Latvia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Croatia, Lithuania, and Slovakia, and they are making a great effort not to let in globalist policies that threaten their faith and beliefs.

At the same time, last Friday, July 2, a coalition of political party leaders from 16 European countries signed a joint declaration rejecting the globalist model of the European Union, which attempts to create a ‘European superstate’, asking that the culture and heritage of each member country be respected.

The document was reportedly signed by important leaders such as Santiago Abascal of Vox Spain, Viktor Orbán Prime Minister of Hungary, Senator Matteo Salvini of Italy, Marine le Pen of France, and other countries such as Poland, Bulgaria, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, the Netherlands, Lithuania, and Romania.

The European leaders wrote:

“Cooperation of European nations should be based on tradition, respect for the culture and history of European states, respect for Europe’s Judeo-Christian heritage and the common values that unite our nations, and not on their destruction,”

They signed this declaration ahead of the upcoming debate on the future of the European Union, as the bloc is proposing changes that radically depart from what were the founding principles of the union.

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