The Taliban quickly repurposed an abandoned aircraft to dangle a person in a public show of dominance on Aug. 30.

The militant group used a U.S.-made helicopter to publicly hang a civilian above Kandahar, 497 kilometers (309 miles) southwest of Kabul.

“Taliban using newly acquired American Blackhawk helicopters to hang people,” Loud Clown said on Twitter.

A Twitter user named 1781 shared a different video with the caption, “Never thought I would see the day when the Taliban would be using an American helicopter to hang someone.”

Another video shows the Taliban test flying multiple Blackhawks over Kandahar. Fighters recently seized control of the city from the U.S.-backed Afghan government after American forces withdrew from the Middle Eastern country.

Afghanistan and Iraq veteran Trevor Coult MC suggested President Joe Biden should acknowledge the United States supplied helicopters used to hang people.

It is unclear whether the Taliban are playing around with the acquired helicopter or actually dangling an executed person. Either way, it is not something to be proud of.

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