U.S. government scientists on Aug. 15 confirmed that July was the hottest month on record, edging out the previous record-holder, July 2016.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced that the global average temperature last month was 62.1 degrees. That is 0.05 degree higher than July 2016, and 1.7 degrees higher than the average for the 20th century.

Some of the significant temperature differences were seen across Alaska, central Europe, northern and southwestern parts of Asia, and parts of Africa and Australia. In these areas, temperatures were at least 2.7 degrees above the average.

Nine of the 10 warmest Julys have occurred since 2005, with the past five years being the five warmest on record.

This year is so far tied with 2017 as the second-hottest year to date on record. The hottest full year on record was 2016. Scientists predict 2019 will definitely make the top-five hottest years, and will most likely end up the second hottest year on record.

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