Sixty thousand cubic meters of water per second have been pressing down on the giant Three Gorges Dam in China for weeks now and it seems to be causing structural damage that presages an unprecedented flood.

Some 38 million people are reportedly being secretly warned by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to withdraw from the area they live in, which could be washed away under a 250-foot giant swell of water in some areas, according to rumors cited by The Sun on July 29.

Chinese leader Xi Jinping, acknowledged that “the situation of flood prevention is bleak,” according to Taiwan News on July 13.

Heavy rains have caused 33 rivers to reach record levels, and the situation puts 433 rivers on alert, according to the Ministry of Water Resources during a briefing in Beijing on Monday, AFP reported.

If the retaining walls break, the large volume of water contained behind them would move at 60 mph, then other smaller dams would break, adding to the catastrophe.

About 45 million people would suffer from the  flooding.

In fact, the flood damage so far has caused at least 141 deaths, destroyed 28,000 houses, and washed away crops worth $11 billion. 

The area that would be affected is known as the Yangtze River Economic Belt (YREB), which generates a GDP of more than $6.5 billion, equivalent to about half of the CCP’s entire production.

It should be noted that companies linked to the CCP produce about 28% of all manufacturing worldwide, and more than half of that is produced by YREB.

If the Three Gorges Dam collapses, 15% of world production would be interrupted in 24 hours, according to calculations.

It would also affect the population because food imports, a critical element for China, would be delayed by the creation of a bottleneck in the distribution of refrigerated containers in the port of Shanghai.

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