One passenger was evacuated from Afghanistan even though he was banned from traveling to his destination on Aug. 24.

Bureaucrats are investigating exactly how a no-fly listed man, fleeing the Taliban, was allowed to board an evacuation flight and become a British security risk.

“An individual was flagged to the Home Office as part of the rigorous checks process, involving the police, security services and others,” a Home Office representative said according to Sky News

The person, who has not been identified, successfully traveled from Hamid Karzai International Airport to Birmingham, England. The “no-fly list” was supposed to prevent him from entering the United Kingdom.

After reviewing his circumstances, authorities strangely decided to release him onto the streets. BL understands this is because the country’s government has no way to return him to Afghanistan, because flights to the destination are banned.

“They are not a person of interest to the security agencies or law enforcement,” the representative said according to the broadcaster.

The remarks came after British lawmakers received intelligence that four out of five “no-fly” listers were detected, and prevented from continuing their journey. A further individual was arrested in Frankfurt, Germany. He was refused entry to Britain but his family members were allowed to proceed.

BL understands the UK government is not particularly concerned about “no-fly” listed passengers reaching England. This is because it prioritizes saving Afghan evacuees, whose lives are in danger of Taliban retribution for helping U.S.-led forces.

The government is concerned about a growing number of impersonations, false paperwork, and forged passports at Kabul Airport. This prompted British ministers to introduce more thorough background checks before Afghan asylum seekers board aircraft.

Conservative UK Secretary of State for Defence Ben Wallace believes ground operations should be conducted “hours today, not days.”

“There are people in Afghanistan who represent a serious threat to national security and public safety,” a representative said. “That is why thorough checks are taking place by government, our world-class intelligence agencies, and others.”

“If someone is assessed as presenting as a risk to our country, we will take action,” the representative added.

Republicans shared similar security concerns about accepting large numbers of Afghan refugees without performing proper background checks.

President Joe Biden responded by introducing more carefully vetting before Afghan asylum seekers are allowed to enter the United States. Planes departing from Kabul will also stop at third-party countries for screening operations.

“Once screened and cleared, we will welcome these Afghans who helped us in the war effort over the last 20 years to their new home in the United States of America,” he said in a statement.