A group of 19 Republican senators introduced a resolution Monday to confirm U.S. support for Israel and its right to defend itself from terrorist attacks amid ongoing attacks perpetrated by the Hamas terrorist group over the conflict in the Gaza Strip. At the same time, the signatories reminded Democratic President Joe Biden of the importance of not being intimidated by extreme left-wing groups that seek to support terrorists instead of defending the historic U.S. ally in the Middle East, Israel.

Republican Senator Rick Scott led the initiative. He said in a statement, “For decades, the people of Israel have endured unyielding attacks from terrorist groups, like Hamas, who wish to destroy the Jewish state and its people. Now, as thousands of rockets rain down, our resolve to stand with Israel must be stronger than ever.” I want to be clear, “no country, certainly not the United States, would tolerate attacks like these and not take whatever action is necessary to end them.”

According to the resolution, the U.S. Senate “opposes Hamas’ indiscriminate escalation of rocket attacks against Israel,” and “deplores the loss of innocent lives caused by the attacks.” The Senate further encourages continued strong support for Israel to exercise “its right to peace and security.”

Scott also stressed that Israel is the only example of democracy in the Middle East and that this is reason enough for the United States to support it unconditionally. In the same vein, he repudiated the comments of some leftist Democratic legislators who, far from supporting the U.S. ally, criticize it and support Palestinian terrorism.

Scott described such attacks as “repugnant and antithetical to American ideals.” Such is the case of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a leftist Democrat from New York who criticized Israel and defended Palestinian interests. 

“We stand in solidarity with the Palestinian residents of Sheikh Jarrah in East Jerusalem,” Cortez said on her Twitter account.

In parallel, 28 Democratic senators led by Democratic Senator Jon Ossoff issued a joint statement Sunday calling for “an immediate ceasefire agreement.” President Biden on Monday expressed support for a cease-fire.

Calls for suspending Israeli defense is nothing more than a false moral discourse coming from the left that, if implemented, would do nothing more than accept the criminal actions of the terrorist group Hamas. 

“It’s time for President Biden to stop cowering to the anti-Israel radical left and remind these terrorists and the world of the United States’ strong and unwavering support of the Israeli people,” said Scott.

For his part, Republican Senator Tom Cotton, another signatory to the resolution introduced Monday, said in a statement, “Israel is our strongest ally. President Biden should unapologetically reaffirm U.S. support of Israel and its right to defend itself. The left’s moralistic calls for a ceasefire are little more than a propaganda win for Hamas.”

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