Jérémy Chardy, a renowned French tennis player, was vaccinated against the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus in August. Since then, he has had to stop training and competing due to the severe pain he feels in his body after any physical effort. 

The international sports community is shocked after the recently published news about the situation faced by the prestigious 35-year-old tennis player. 

This week, French media reported that Chardy was forced to suspend his training season and all sporting commitments in the coming months due to a worrying reaction provoked in his body after receiving the COVID-19 (CCP virus) vaccine.

“Since I got the vaccine, I have a problem, I’ve been fighting but all of a sudden, I can’t train, I can’t play,” he told AFP news. After participating in the Olympics, the tennis player took a Pfizer shot and now claims to be “completely sorry I was inoculated.”

He added that for the time being, he has decided to take some time to care for himself and recover properly to make sure he does not have any problems in the future.

Chardy made his professional debut in 2005, won one title, and his best ATP ranking was 25th in 2013. He represented France in several Davis Cup series, reaching the final in 2018. He is now ranked 73rd in the world.

Currently, transiting the final stretch of his career, he is still a force at 34 years of age. In 2021 he participated in the most important tournaments and won $570,000 in prize money. After that, however, he has to face a situation that is not in anyone’s plans.

After he participated in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, where he was eliminated by Alexander Zverev, he participated in the U.S. Open, where his nightmare began. On that occasion, he lost in the first round to Matteo Berrettini when he started to feel discomfort in his body.

Then he wanted to return to routine training but began to feel “paralyzing” pains that did not allow him to continue. So he began to seek answers, “I went to see two doctors, I had some tests to find out what I have and the most important thing is to take care of myself,” said the tennis player after receiving the studies.

Chardy expressed deep frustration since he is aware of his advanced age to participate in demanding competitions.

“In February I turn 35 and it’s the first time I think that next season may be my last. It’s difficult because I was having fun and wanted to play more,” he commented.

Chardy is not the first athlete to report that the vaccine’s adverse effects put him out of competition.

Everest Romney, a 17-year-old athlete from the U.S. state of Utah, reported he felt his neck swelling the day after receiving Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine. Five days later, he was hospitalized when doctors discovered two blood clots in his brain, Children’s Health Defense reported.

His mother, Cherie Romney, said her son’s pediatrician initially dismissed the symptoms and diagnosed it as a neck muscle strain from his workout.

But within 24 hours of the doctor’s visit, Everest suffered one of the worst migraines that lasted several days without stopping until Cherie decided to take her son to the emergency room, where she found out what was going on.

Currently, the young athlete is stable and recovering at home, although due to his difficulty walking, he cannot practice sports for an undetermined period.

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