Russia’s president made strong statements on the gender ideology being strongly promoted in the West and called the idea that children can ‘change their sex’ ‘monstrous’, arguing that children are not in a position to make such decisions at such a young age.

Speaking at the Valdai International Discussion Club in Sochi, Russian President Vladimir Putin, known for his rather traditional stances on marriage, opined on the modern trend of ‘sex change’ in children.

“It is a simply monstrous moment when children are pushed to believe from early on that a boy can easily become a girl, and vice versa,” Putin said according to a Daily Mail video.

“They are pushed to believe they have a choice. Imposed while parents are swept aside and the child is forced to make a decision that can break their life,” the Russian president exclaimed.

In a high-profile case in the United Kingdom last September 18, 2021, the Court of Appeal overturned a ruling that banned children under the age of 16 from undergoing ‘sex change’ treatments and operations without the prior approval of their parents or guardians.

With the appeals court ruling, children can undergo the treatments and operations without consulting or talking to their parents.

In May of this year, a well-known Swedish clinic suspended ‘sex change’ hormone treatments due to ‘irreversible effects,’ including infertility, loss of bone density, and suicidal tendencies.

“And no-one consults the child psychologists on whether someone of a certain age is able to make this kind of decision,” Putin said. “Calling a spade, a spade, is close to a crime against humanity.”

The Russian president, a former member of the Soviet Union’s intelligence service, said these modern trends are all done under the name of supposed “progress.”

This is not the first time Putin has made headlines expressing his traditional values or ruling based on them.

Homosexuality was considered a criminal offense until 1993 in Russia. In 1999 it was classified as a mental illness.

In Russia, only heterosexual couples are allowed to adopt children.

Same-sex couples are also not allowed to marry legally, and Putin said that as long as he is president, it will never happen.

In 2012 Russia banned “gay pride” day parades, and a year later, “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations,” i.e., advertisements or commercials with homosexual content, are banned in the country. Hungary passed a similar law last year.

Putin reiterated that he is not prejudiced against homosexuals but that he considers the West’s promotion of homosexuality and gender ideology to be out of step with traditional Russian values.

He also said that to maintain the traditional family between a man and a woman—it is his “duty” to prevent homosexuals from marrying. 

He said he would not allow the traditional notion of a mother and father to be subverted by what he called “father number 1” and “father number 2.”

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