The Russian leader used one of the cleverest ruses seen in recent times by rigging up inflatable tanks, missiles, war jets, and even air bases to fool the NATO military. NATO took satellite photos of the fake weaponry and thought Russia was ready to stand up.

According to Daily Mail, Russian state TV station Zvezda reported on the Russian military’s ruse of showing images of fake military equipment. Inflatable war tanks, jets, missile launchers, and even an inflatable airbase were assembled as a deterrent to the escalation between Russia, Ukraine, and its allies, NATO and the United States.

The defense ministry displayed Helium-filled tanks, fighter jets, missile systems, and transport trucks during military exercises in which the decoys were deployed to fool enemy drones and satellites.

According to the Daily Mail, this tactic was used by Winston Churchill. He set up a dummy base full of tanks in southeast England before D-Day to fool the Nazis into believing that the Allies were planning a second invasion after the Normandy landings.

The Russian government contracted a toy company, Rusbal, to design the inflatable war armament, significantly reducing the actual expense of having deployed such weapons.

An inflatable tank from the Russian army used to fool NATO (Screenshot by TheBL/TV Zvezda)

“Tanks, aviation and air defense systems were moved to Moscow region so that ‘an enemy’ had a chance not only to find a hidden aerodrome, but to obtain satellite pictures, too,” the Defense Ministry’s television channel, Zvezda, reported.

“The inflatable equipment is nearly identical to the original thanks to the use of special materials. ‘It also has the same radiation background so that an enemy does not notice the deception. The decoys can be created within minutes,” an army spokesman said.

The Kremlin unveiled its tactic on the same day it announced it would partially withdraw its troops from the Crimea region, a day after it sternly warned NATO and its allies ‘not to cross the red line’ and meddle in Russian affairs.

A barracks-style structure to make it appear as if many soldiers are accommodated at the decoy base (Screenshot by TheBL/TV Zvezda)

Russia is criticized for its high military presence in the vicinity of Ukraine after it declared in 2014 its intention to annex Crimea to Russian territory.

However, the Russian government dissociates itself from the criticism by arguing that it is not illegal to deploy its troops inside Russian territory. It does not violate any international treaties.

The blow-up models appear like full-sized versions of MiG fighter jets and Russian military systems. (Screenshot by TheBL/TV Zvezda)

Putin’s anti-globalist stance infuriates world leaders

From the attempt to oust Trump from power with the “Russian hoax,” to allegations that Russia “interfered with the U.S. election,” Democrat and globalist leaders seem to be in constant conflict with Russia.

However, Trump’s charges related to Russia were fabricated as he was acquitted, but there is also no evidence that the Russians attempted to interfere with the U.S. election.

Vladimir Putin has publicly spoken out against gay marriage and gender ideology. Being independent of globalist associations such as the UN and the European Union, he does not have to follow the open borders agenda, i.e., accept a certain quota of immigrants, nor adhere to the new world order agenda.

Perhaps these are the reasons why the West and the Biden administration constantly seek to blame Russia or accuse anyone they want to attack as a “Russian agent.”

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